Our Top Tips For Collecting More AIR MILES ® – Get More For Your Money!

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(AS OF APRIL 15TH 2023 WE ARE NO LONGER PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROGRAM) If you’re a Canadian and you love to travel, chances are that you’re already a member of the AIR MILES ® program. Collecting AIR MILES® Reward Miles is a fantastic way to get rewarded for the shopping that you do every day – and you can redeem them for dozens of rewards, including cash, gadgets, travel, and more.

But how can you make sure that you rack up Miles effectively, and get the most for your money when using your Collector Card? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few tips you can use to collect more Miles.

1. Make Sure You’ve Got A Great AIR MILES ® Credit Card

First, it’s best to get an AIR MILES ® Credit card that fits your shopping habits and your budget. While you can use an AIR MILES ®  debit card for free at participating retailers, you won’t get that much in the way of rewards.

But with an AIR MILES ® co-branded credit card, you can get plenty of additional benefits, and earn Miles more quickly. One card often recommended by experts is the BMO AIR MILES ® World Elite MasterCard. This card provides you with 1 Mile per $10 spent anywhere, as well as a 15% discounts on flights booked using Miles.

As long as you make sure to always pay your bill on time, and do not fall into debt, this is a fantastic way to get more Miles, and maximize your rewards!

2. Shop Exclusively At Stores With AIR MILES ® Partnerships (And Be On The Lookout For Deals)

If you’re truly dedicated to getting more AIR MILES ®, it’s best to only shop at stores that have partnerships that allow you to earn more Miles. You can shop at Sobeys or Metro grocery stores, as well as NSLC Liquor stores, Irving gas stations, and more! If you’re not sure which businesses near you are AIR MILES ® partners, take a look at their website to learn more about their current sponsors.   

However, it’s important to realize that maximizing your Miles is not always the best way to save money! Don’t just purchase unnecessary items to get Miles – only shop for things you need anyway, to maximize your rewards.

3. Look Out For Multiplier Promotions And “Mega Miles” Days

Occasionally, AIR MILES ® retail partners will offer special promotions where you can earn 2x-20x the number of Miles that you usually get on the stuff that you buy!

You can find some of these promotions on the AIR MILES ® website, and even find online-only shopping offers and coupons. Holding out for these special promotions can help you get more for your money.

Another type of common promotion is the “Mega Miles” promotion, where you can get a large reward of Miles (typically 100 or more) when you shop at various vendors. If you shop at enough of these retailers, you’ll be rewarded!

So when it’s time to splurge, take a look at the AIR MILES ® online marketplace, and see how much you can save.

4. Get AIR MILES ® For Car Parts And Servicing!

You service your car regularly anyway, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could get Miles as a reward? Now, at Ride Time in Winnipeg, you can! If you go to Ride Time for parts and servicing, you’ll get Miles as a reward. For every $20 spent on parts and servicing (excluding taxes), you’ll be rewarded with 1 Mile!

When stacked with your credit card rewards, this means that you can get quite a bit of cash back on your tire rotations, oil changes, and even major repairs – that’s a win-win!

5. Shop For A Car At Ride Time!

Interested in a high quality used vehicle, and getting the most Miles for your money? If you shop for a car at Ride Time, you can get a potential bonus of up to 5,000 Miles! That’s a huge value!

Here’s how it works. After you purchase a vehicle from Ride Time, you get to spin a large wheel, which has a number of different AIR MILES ® rewards, including a 5,000 Mile bonus, and other special offers.

Get More Miles – Start Following These Tips Today!

Whether you’re looking to get a vehicle from Ride Time, service your car, or just learn other strategies to maximize your Miles, we hope this blog has been helpful! Get out there, start spending, and save for your next vacation!


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