Six Things That Could Be Killing Your Car’s Health

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Owning a car is a huge investment, not just to purchase, but also to maintain. There are things you can do to foster the health of your car, and then others that you can do to make it work overtime and subject it to needless stress. Just like you should do things to keep your body in shape, there are things you can do to put less wear and tear on your car, and reduce the need for costly repairs down the line.

These are six fatal mistakes that you can make to ruin the health of your car

Ignoring the dashboard lights

When you look down to see the dashboard lit up with a check engine light, it can be a sinking feeling. Since most automotive repairs are costly, most people tend to ignore the check engine light and let it go far longer than they should. Sometimes the warning is nothing serious and a minor fix, but if you don’t fix the minor things, they can turn major quickly. If you see a check engine light, don’t ignore it, that is your car is telling you it needs help.

Not checking and changing filters and car fluids

The filters and fluids in your car all serve a specific purpose that helps your engine work properly and efficiently. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of fluid, you will be causing more wear and tear than need be. And, if you don’t change filters when needed, you are going to make your car work overtime, which can tank its longevity.

Forgetting about the tires

If you don’t have your tires rotated and checked for inflation and tread strength, then you can risk either getting a flat, or, worse yet, having a tire burst while you are on the highway. Keeping a healthy tire inflation is essential to your gas mileage and for your safety. If the treads are worn excessively, then your car can’t grip the road very successfully either.

Not following up on scheduled maintenance

Your car has a scheduled maintenance outlined in your owner’s manual. They are not just a suggestion, but an insurance that there isn’t a problem brewing that will get worse if left unchecked. Just like you should have a physical every year, your car needs to be examined regularly too, to ensure that it stays healthy.

Driving harshly

A driver’s behaviors when behind the wheel severely impact a car’s longevity and performance. If you are constantly sitting in traffic, encountering rough terrain or extreme weather conditions, then it is even more imperative to properly have your car maintained to ensure that you aren’t wearing things out too quickly and putting more hardship on your engine than need be.

Not finding the right professional to service your car

Not all mechanics are the same. If you are going to spend the money getting your car maintenanced, make sure to find someone who has a good reputation and has experience fixing your type of car. Some imports will require more training than others. Don’t assume that, just because someone says they are a mechanic, that they have the expertise necessary to fix your car. Do your research instead of just taking it to any mechanic available.

Sometimes to save pennies, car owners spend dollars. If you aren’t keeping your car maintained and ignoring signs of a problem, then you are going to end up paying way more in the long run. When it comes to cars, prevention is the best medicine. Schedule your next regular maintenance at Ridetime to keep your car running as healthily as possible. A car is a machine like any other and requires regular checkups to ensure that everything is running properly. Sometimes it is those quick and easy fixes that, if not addressed, can become something major and jeopardize you, your passengers safety, or the longevity of your car.


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