The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems In Cars – And How To Diagnose Them

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Summer is coming up in Winnipeg, and the chilly winter air is finally starting to depart. That means it’s A/C season – and if you’ve started up your car, and found that your A/C isn’t working properly, you may not know what to do next.

In this article, Ride Time will take a look at the 3 most common issues with air conditioning in cars, and how they can be diagnosed and fixed. Let’s get started!

Air Isn’t Flowing Through The Vents Properly

If you are suffering from airflow problems, and cool air isn’t coming out of your car’s vents, there are a few possible problems with your A/C system.

First, use your vent selector to change where air comes out. If air comes out of the bottom vents, but not the top vents, or it comes out of every vent except one, you may have a stuck “blend door”.

Blend doors are located inside the dash, and they are what determines the direction of airflow. If they get stuck or damaged, they can block air from flowing through one or more vents.

If air is coming through all of the vents, but airflow is weak or the air smells funny, chances are that it’s an issue with your cabin air filter. This air filter may have become clogged or moldy,

Another potential issue is your blower motor. To test your blower motor, start by checking A/C performance, and note the rate of airflow. Then, switch to heat. If the air also flows at the same rate when you start using the heat setting, chances are that your blower motor is failing.

This can happen because of normal wear and tear, electrical problems, or even a rodent or other pest getting stuck in your HVAC system.

Air Is Blowing, But It Isn’t Cold

If you have air blowing through your car, but it’s not cold, there are several systems you should check.

First, take a look at your condenser panel, usually located behind your radiator. If it is full of debris or dirt, it may be failing to function properly, causing air to remain warm. Your air compressor clutch may also not be engaging.

Take a look at the A/C compressor while the A/C is running (usually located toward the front of your engine near the grille). It looks like a small motor with a wheel on the end. If this wheel is spinning, the clutch is engaged. If it isn’t, it may have failed.

The compressor belt attached to the compressor may also be failing. Check this belt, which is attached to the clutch. It should be tight, and show no visible signs of wear. If it’s loose or worn-out, it should be replaced.

Low refrigerant levels can also cause warm air to blow out of your A/C vents. Refrigerant is not lost unless there is a leak. However, checking for leaks on your own is quite difficult, and involves injecting dye into your A/C system, and checking your car and garage with a UV light.

If you think that a low refrigerant level is the cause of your A/C failure, we recommend taking your car into shop for a professional assessment. This is much easier than checking for a leak on your own.

Got A/C Problems? Get Them Fixed Before The Summer!

Nobody wants to be stuck in Winnipeg summer traffic without a working A/C system. If your A/C system is failing for any of the above reasons, bring it into the Ride Time service centre right away.

Our professional, certified mechanics can fix all of these common A/C problems. You can trust us to take great care of your vehicle, at a reasonable price. So don’t wait. Schedule your appointment online, and visit our Winnipeg service centre today!


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