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Is your credit less than perfect? Not sure how to improve your credit?

Credit Awareness:

A recent study revealed that 80% * of today’s consumers have one or more errors on their credit bureaus. Credit is a North American concern. Matt Lauer of the Today Show stated that credit has bypassed terrorism as one of North America’s greatest fears.

What separates our dealership from the competition is that our used car dealership provides education to help make a positive impact in the lives of our customers.

* February 11, 2009 CBS News report cited the results of a study conducted by the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups.

Can You Spot Credit Repair Scams?

At Ride Time, we feel there is nothing more powerful than credit education. We feel an educated customer will be able to make the best decision regarding their purchase. As part of this education, we are providing information about companies that offer credit repair services, claiming “fastest results”…

Setting “fastest results” as a main objective will only lead to making a poor choices in the selection of a credit repair agency. These agencies typically employ illegal methods to raise credit scores.

Were you aware of this? Let’s take a look at the reasoning.

When looking at the “fastest results” method to repair your credit score, you may be attracting scam credit repair services that are built on, and marketed to, people who think this way. Read these important tips carefully to ensure you whose main goal is credit education, while protecting yourself from credit repair scams.

Just to be clear, Ride Time IS NOT a credit repair agency…

Tip 1:

Ask how long it will take to repair your credit.

Reputable companies will not advertise quick-fixes to help your credit report or score. Instead, a trustworthy agency will clearly explain to you what credit is and how to read your credit report. Avoid companies that claim guaranteed or instant results. It is impossible to guarantee anything to do with results or the time frame you can expect results. If this is the case, you will know that this company and the credit repair services they offer are fraudulent.

Tip 3:

Ask if the company advocates getting a “new identity.”

No reputable credit repair agency will ever hint at using tactics that are illegal. You will find many agencies advertising “new” credit reports, complete “cleanup” of all negative items, super fast credit improvement and so on. Never take these types of promises seriously until you have gone to the website of the Canadian Government’s Industry Canada website and checked out what it says about repairing your credit score. You will be made aware that the credit repair services these types of companies promise are fraudulent and very likely illegal.

Tip 2:

Ask if you can perform any credit repair on your own.

All legitimate companies will educate you with what your rights are and guide you in respect to the credit repair processes you can do for free. Things such as obtaining your free annual credit reports from each of the two major credit bureaus, monitoring the entries in your report, disputing wrong entries, good financial management and so on, these are all thing one could take care of on their own.

Beware of any credit repair company that will charge you for these services or information.

Tip 4:

Find out if the company is a member of a regulatory body such as the Better Business Bureau.

The best tip is being mentioned last, because it is the most important and likely the one you will remember the most easily. Look into those organizations with which your company of choice is affiliated. As an example, many trustworthy companies are members of BBB (Better Business Bureau), Ride Time is very proud of our A+ rating with the BBB. Make certain your company of choice is a member of a reputable regulatory agency.

Credit Education

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