About Us

Who Are the Brothers of Bargains? 

The Brothers of Bargains—also known as Andrew and Doug MacIver—are the head and the heart here at Ride Time. As third generation car dealers, Andrew and Doug have a head-to-toe (or bumper-to-bumper) understanding of how important it is for you to have a vehicle you can proudly call your own. 

The Benefits of Growing Up in the Business

The Brothers of Bargains have been around car dealerships all their lives. As a kid, Andrew spent his Saturdays at his dad’s dealership learning the ropes and (when the time was right) washing, detailing, and driving vehicles around the lot. After he finished studying automotive sales and management at Georgian College, Andrew and his father went into business together and started Ride Time. Their vision was to create Canada’s ultimate used car and truck destination.

From the Blue Line to the Bottom Line

Doug MacIver took a much different path toward becoming one of the Ride Time Brothers of Bargains. In fact, his path took him all over the globe as a professional hockey player. After 9 years in the minor leagues, Doug turned his attention to e-commerce and marketing (which is a fancy way of saying he banged up his knee too much to keep playing hockey). Once Doug completed his business training, he brought his knowledge—along with a lifetime of unique experience living and working with some of the most dedicated pros in the world—to the family business.

From Car Biz to Show Biz (But Still Focused On Car Biz)

Beginning in October 2014, a six-episode reality series about Ride Time—the business, the passion-driven family behind it, and all of their antics—aired on the Business News Network. Bargain Brothers was an irreverent but honest look at the used car sales business, and how Andrew and Doug MacIver are working to change the public’s perception of used car salespeople by providing transparent, honest, and generally awesome customer service. 

Andrew and Doug have also created and aired some of Canada’s most memorable car dealership television commercials. They may not win any Geminis, Genies, Candys, or whatever they’re calling them these days–but the Brothers of Bargains know a little creativity and humour are a welcome change from the usual screaming-bargains-from-the-rooftops used car commercials. Plus, they’re now experts at fielding the question: “Whoa, aren’t you guys the guys who wore dresses on TV?”

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Today, the Brothers of Bargains continue to expand Ride Time across Canada by helping drivers coast to coast find the vehicles that perfectly suit their needs and personalities. Through it all, they’ve never lost sight of their father’s business philosophy: “When it comes to making money or making friends, we always choose friends.” 

To learn more about us, or (more importantly) about how we can help you drive home in the vehicle of your dreams, contact us today