Oil 4 Life Program Explained

  • You are eligible for your complimentary oil change once every 5,000 km if you purchased your vehicle from Ride Time
  • This complimentary service includes up to 5 litres of conventional oil, oil filter & labour
  • If your vehicle requires semi-synthetic oil there is a $5 per litre up-charge
  • If your vehicle requires full synthetic oil there is a $9 per litre up-charge
  • This program excludes a $6.78 environmental fee for the disposal of your oil
  • You are eligible to upgrade your oil change to semi or full synthetic for the posted rate above
  • In order to keep your vehicle enrolled in the Oil 4 Life Program, you must perform your regularly scheduled maintenance at Ride Time as per Ride Time’s Smart Service Menu
  • This program is NOT eligible for AIR MILES Reward MilesĀ® 

To book your next oil change please call 204-272-6125 or you can schedule it online!