Buyer Bill of Rights

Freedom From Gouging

To avoid gouging, do your homework and carefully inspect the car. Compare the list prices of similar cars. Understand dealers need to make a profit, learn how to negotiate for a used car. Ensure that each car you compare is of the same quality and serviceability, if a dealer is offering a below market price on a used car, ask yourself why? Is there a problem with that car? Did they put any recon cost into it prior to selling it? At Ride Time, we pledge to be competitive on a quality used cars in Winnipeg, MB.

Freedom From Excessive Haggling 

Used car prices are negotiable. Many dealers employ a practice of listing their cars high so they can haggle. Offer the price you think is fair based on your research and the quality of the vehicle. Price negotiation should not be prolonged or tortured. The seller should quickly and reasonably respond to your offer. If they don’t, be willing to walk. At Ride Time, we pledge to work with buyers to try to quickly come to a mutually agreeable price.

Full Disclosure

There are many scams to avoid. The seller should tell you everything that is wrong with the car. Ask to see maintenance records and receipts for all work done at that dealer. If you are buying from a Private Seller, bring the car for an inspection. Before buying, get a CAR PROOF report online, using the VIN. Our trusted dealers pledge to help provide reports and full disclosure.


Recent model cars purchased from dealers generally come with either factory or dealer certifications. This typically covers repairs for a given length of time. Our trusted dealers may offer certification of various types. A certified car is worth more than a non-certified car and should be a higher price, keep that in mind.

Trade-in Pricing

Research trade-in values for your car before visiting a dealer. Get a written trade-in value before negotiating with a dealer, in other words, separate the transactions. You are buying their car, they are buying yours. You want to know the price independent of each other. Dealers are known to adjust trade-in values to guarantee their own profits. Our trusted dealers pledge to avoid games and provide fair trade-in values for your car.

Accurate Explanation Of Credit Score

A customer’s credit status is based solely upon the credit file of the customer. A typical bad practice done by some dealers is to say your credit is not as good as it should be, therefore the rate should be higher when in fact they are saying that simply to increase their profits. Our trusted dealers pledge to share your credit report where applicable by law, and to give you an accurate representation of your credit.

Fair Lending Rates and Fees

Another underhanded scheme is to inflate rates and charge excessive fees, hiding them within monthly payments. Rates are based solely on your credit first, then the year of the car, the length of the loan, and the amount financed. If a dealer cannot explain why your rate is what it is, you should find an alternative source. Our trusted dealers pledge to be ethical, charging rates and fees appropriate to your credit status.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • A dealer should respect your time
  • A dealer should sell to your needs, not their profit expectations
  • A dealer should be available after the sale to address any questions or concerns

Our trusted dealers pledge to provide you with exceptional service.