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Buy Your Next Car in Just a Click

Ride Time reinvents your car buying experience. Now you can browse thousands of car models right at the comfort of your homes. Plus you can avail great financing deals in a much simplified and hassle-free way. It’s definitely 100% online.

How It Works

Your Perfect Car is just 6 Simple Steps Away!


  1.   Get a 360 degree, Virtual Tour

Take the closest thing that you can get to a real-life tour of the vehicle through Ride Times’ High Definition, 360 degree virtual tours. Have the ability to experience sitting on a driver’s seat without actually leaving your home through a VR headset. Let our technology bring you to examine the car’s important features and closely examine imperfections. Buying a car online with Ride Time becomes less of a mystery, saves your time and keeps you safe all the time.

  1.   158-Point Inspection & Car Proof Report

Our certified mechanics perform a thorough 158-point inspection of every car. This process ensures that you get the perfect car for you. Plus we provide a third party Car Proof Report as your guarantee to get an accident-free and low mileage car.

  1.   Great Financial Deals

Ride Time offers the best financial solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Feel free to talk to our customer representatives and get your dream car with our innovative credit program.


  1.   Free Delivery Right at Your Doorstep

Grab your dream car right at your doorstep. Ride Time is glad to throw in free delivery service anywhere in Canada or the United States.

  1.   Test Drive for Real Experience.

Ride Time generously offers 24-hour home test drives to customers. Build confidence by test driving the car and know that it is best for you.


  1.   Ride Time Customer ReviewWe Stay Friends – For Life!

You’ll love your car and we stay friends for life. Ride Time offers lifetime complimentary oil changes throughout the life span of your car. We put customer satisfaction as our top priority.


Buying your dream car has never been that easy with Ride Time. We are a top-notch provider of pre-owned vehicles with a wide array of choices whether a family car, an off road rig or any car of your choice.

Your satisfaction and buying experience are our top priorities. Enjoy our high-technology online platform and buy your next car with ease and confidence. Or you may visit our state-of- the-art headquarters at the corner of Route 90 and Selkirk Avenue Winnipeg.

Ride Time is revolutionizing the way you can buy quality used trucks. Now you can browse our huge inventory of used trucks, 100% online. Our process is convenient, stress-free, and available to customers across Canada.


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