Partial Payments vs Deposits

Welcome to Ride Time, where quality and affordability come together in a high-speed symphony! Our dedicated team spends more than 40 hours each week, scouring the markets to bring you the crème de la crème of vehicles. With third-party data, we price these treasures so attractively that they’re often snapped up before they roll into Winnipeg or pass through our stringent safety check.

At Ride Time, we value fairness as much as we value speed. As such, we don’t accept deposits to “hold” vehicles – it’s simply not fair to our ready-and-raring customers. Plus, with our keen pricing and narrow margins, the Ride Time model thrives on rapid sales.

So, how can you secure your dream car from us? If you’re financing, it’s as simple as gaining pre-approval and signing the finance contracts. For cash buyers, we ask for a “partial payment”, which is just as it sounds – a part-payment towards the vehicle you’ve set your heart on.

What if your chosen chariot is still on its way to town? A partial payment will secure it until it arrives. Once it’s ready for viewing, we’ll ring you up and you’ll have 48 hours to pay in full.

Now, let’s be crystal clear about one thing: your partial payment is an affirmation of your commitment to purchase. If for any reason, you decide to back out after making the partial payment, that amount is non-refundable. It’s like saying ‘bye-bye’ to your partial payment – there are no exceptions to this. So be sure you’re revved up and ready to ride before making that commitment!

On the rare occasion, vehicles might arrive with unexpected damages or not meet our high standards. In such scenarios, we’ll promptly contact you.

There’s one exception to our no-deposit rule: if you’re jetting in to view a car, we’ll hold the vehicle for 24 hours with a deposit. So buckle up, rev your engines, and join us at Ride Time, where quality, affordability, and speedy sales rule the road!