5 Reasons You Need To Get Your Used Car Serviced Regularly

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Used Car Service

There are some people out there who will buy a cheap used car and totally drive it into the ground. They’ll neglect basic routine servicing and maintenance like tire rotations until their car is belching out black smoke, dragging its muffler behind it on the highway, and riding around on tires that are so flat they could double as pancakes.

And then they’ll complain about it! “I got a terrible deal on this car” they’ll say. “It only lasted me 15,000 kms!”

Well, there’s a reason for that – used cars aren’t magical vehicles that you can drive maintenance free. Even the best certified pre-owned cars require regular maintenance – and here are 5 reasons why.

Protect Your Investment

Used cars are an investment – just like a new car! The fact that a car has been driven by someone else for 50,000 kms is no reason to ignore maintenance. In fact, cars are being kept longer by motorists these days – the average age of cars on the road nowadays is 11 years, up from 6.7 in 1995.

Most modern cars have been designed to last up to 15 years or 240,000 kms – whatever comes first – and if you have purchased a well-maintained, high-quality used car, there’s no reason you can’t hit that marker with a minimum of maintenance and some smart servicing.

A used car is an asset, just like a new car. So treat it like one – not like a temporary car that can be run into the ground. Your wallet will thank you.

Enjoy Better Performance

If you don’t maintain your car, it’s not going to run well. Sludgy oil will cause your engine to be sluggish, clogged fuel filters will reduce power and performance, worn-out spark plugs will lack the power to fully detonate fuel – basically, your car will be slower, more sluggish, and more prone to wear.

By taking simple maintenance steps and getting your car serviced regularly, not only do you increase the lifespan of your car – you improve its performance.

F1 drivers don’t race around the track on bald tires, or refuse to shell out for new spark plugs. And there’s a reason for that. Without new, quality parts to replace worn components, you’ll never be able to experience the true power of your car.

Reduce Risks Of Catastrophic Failure

Catastrophic car and engine failure should be avoided at all costs. And these catastrophic failures don’t come out of nowhere. Have you been driving with your “check engine” light on for the past three months?

Well, as much as you may not like to admit it, there’s a reason it’s on. There’s probably something wrong with your car, and ignoring it will only increase your chances for a costly catastrophic failure in the future.

The same goes with any component on your car – the longer you go without replacing your tires or rotating them, the higher your chance of a blowout. The longer you go without checking your fluid levels or servicing your radiator, the more likely it is that your car will overheat.

By servicing your car regularly, you can get a good idea of its overall health, and focus on replacing parts that may have potential to fail catastrophically.

Not Maintaining Your Car Costs You More In The Long Run

That $50 oil change you’ve been avoiding could cost you $2,000 if your engine wears out prematurely. Not spending two bucks to air up your tires when the “low tire pressure” sign lights up could cost you $200 for a new tire. Failing to rotate your tires could cost you a full suspension overhaul.

It may seem like maintaining your car is a waste of money – we get it, it’s like going to the doctor. Nobody likes to be told “yeah, everything’s fine” and be handed a bill for a couple hundred bucks.

But if something does go wrong, the costs are going to be astronomical compared to the cost of annual maintenance. Bankrate estimates that annual maintenance of an average car costs $1,000 – and failing to maintain your car for a year will cost you nearly $8,000!

So when you invest in maintenance, think of it as an investment. That $50 oil change is actually saving you $350 – because if you didn’t do it, you would end up paying for the damage done to your car in the long run.

You Can Stop Worrying About Your Car

Let’s face it, it sucks to drive your car and worry about whether or not it will start when you turn the key. Maintaining and repairing your car allows you to stop worrying about your car.

You’re taking it in every 3 months for a checkup, so you’re not going to be surprised by any unexpected problems. You can drive your used car in peace, knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to protect yourself and your car from common issues.

Get Your Car Serviced At Ride Time

Ride Time just opened a new, state-of-the-art facility in Winnipeg. Featuring a 4 camera laser alignment machine, 8 maintenance bays and 4 detailing bays, we can take perfect care of your vehicle – used or otherwise.

Our servicing experts can conduct a thorough, computerized assessment of your vehicle. After our initial assessment, we’ll help you identify problem areas that may need special attention and recommend smart, inexpensive maintenance options.

So if you’re overdue for an oil change, tire rotation, or haven’t had your car looked at by a professional in a while, come on down to Ride Time. We’ll take good care of your car – guaranteed. Conveniently schedule your next service appointment at the bottom of the page!


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