6 Simple Tips For Getting Better Gas Mileage Out Of Your Used Car

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Used Car Mileage

Owning a car can be expensive – even if you get a great deal on a used car from Ride Time. Maintenance, repairs, insurance, fuel costs – it all adds up to quite a big chunk of change.

But there’s good news! With the proper steps, you can easily squeeze some extra gas mileage out of your car, and reduce your overall cost of ownership! In this article, Ride Time will take a look at 6 simple techniques you can use to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and save money while driving your used car!

1. No Lead Feet, Please

Your vehicle is most efficient at speeds between 64-90km/h (40-55mph). This is one of the reasons that the Americans introduced the controversial National Maximum Speed Law during the oil crisis of 1973.

After about 90km/h, your gas mileage will decline significantly. Every additional ~20km/h of speed reduces your fuel economy by around 14%, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

So take it easy when driving on the highway. Your wallet will thank you when it’s time to fill up at the pump!

2. Maintain Your Car

Simple vehicular maintenance tasks help keep your car in good health – and improve fuel economy! According to the EPA, simple car maintenance such car tuning and spark plug replacement, driving on properly inflated tires, and using the right motor oil can help improve fuel economy by up to 10%, altogether!

So get your car tuned up and maintained. You’ll enjoy a smoother ride, a longer-lived engine, and better fuel economy!

3. Reduce Drag

After speeds of approximately 50 km/h, most of your car’s energy goes towards overcoming wind resistance and drag – rather than rolling resistance.

This means that reducing drag is a great way to increase fuel economy. Large objects like roof racks and bike racks can seriously increase drag if left on your vehicle, and can reduce your fuel economy by 1-15%!

4. Keep It Smooth

Accelerating and decelerating smoothly and slowly helps you maintain a higher level of fuel efficiency.

It should take you about 15-20 seconds to accelerate to speeds of 80km/h, and you should try to maintain a steady speed as much as possible, minimizing things like braking, swerving, and sudden stops.

When performed properly, a smooth and defensive driving style can improve fuel economy by up to 33%, according to Edmunds.

5. Let Gravity Work For You

When driving, minimize your acceleration when going uphill – and braking when going downhill. By allowing your car to travel more slowly uphill and using more kinetic energy when going downhill, you can let gravity work for you, and maximize fuel economy.

Of course, you should only employ this tactic when it’s safe to do so – driver safety is always more important than fuel economy.

6. Switch Off That A/C

Air conditioning is a total godsend on hot Winnipeg days, but it’s also the single largest feature that can impact your fuel economy.

Having your A/C on full blast can easily reduce fuel economy by up to 10% or more – so instead of leaving the A/C on whenever you’re in your car, consider opening your windows, or using another strategy to deal with the heat.

Come To Ride Time For A Tune-Up – And Enjoy Better Gas Mileage Today!

At Ride Time, our service technicians specialize in taking care of new and used cars, and ensuring that they’re in tip-top condition! If you’re looking to increase your gas mileage and lower your fuel costs, A tune-up from Ride Time is the perfect choice for you!

So come into our Winnipeg service station today for a professional evaluation and tune-up. We’ll take great care of you and your vehicle, and help you spend less on fuel!


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