9 Simple Tips To Help You Keep Your Used Car Clean

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Car Cleaning Tips

We all want to take care of our cars. Whether you’ve bought a new car, or purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Ride Time, you’ve probably made efforts to keep your vehicle clean and comfortable.

But life happens – and after you’ve been driving a car for a while, there’s a tendency for trash, stains, and grime to build up in the interior. Despite your best efforts, there may just not be enough time for you to take care of your car.

And we get it! Maintaining the interior of your car can be a bit of a pain. That’s why Ride Time has come up with a list of 9 simple tips that can help you keep your car clean – both inside and out.

These tips are quick and easy, and don’t require you to spend an excessive amount of time detailing your car. So read on, and learn how you can keep your used car clean – without spending an entire day detailing it.

1. Don’t Eat In Your Car

We know you’re busy – and it can be tempting to eat in your car. Drive-thrus are drive-thrus for a reason – it’s very convenient to eat in your car. However, if you’re trying to keep you car clean, smell-free, and stain-free, eating in your car is a terrible idea.

The majority of crumbs, stains, wrappers, cups, and cartons in a dirty car are probably from meals that you ate in your car – and if you make it a rule to never eat in your car, you won’t ever have to deal with these messes.

2. Wax Occasionally – It’s Worth It!

Waxing your car occasionally – or hiring a professional – can go a long way in keeping it clean. Car wax creates a slippery surface to which dirt and mud have a hard time adhering. If you wax your car every 6 months or so, you’ll find that you don’t have to wash it nearly as often.

Less work and a cleaner car? That’s a no-brainer – and that’s why you should wax your car every once in awhile.

3. Knock Your Shoes Off Before Getting In Your Car

It can be hard to keep the interior of your car clean during a Winnipeg winter, but you should do your best to minimize staining and dirt by knocking your boots off before you get in your car.

This applies during summers, too – especially if you’ve been doing an outdoor activity that’s left your feet caked in mud.

Just sit on your car seat and turn towards the door. Knock your feet together a few times – that’s all it takes. You probably won’t get all of the mud or slush off of your feet, but a little bit can go a long way.

4. Keep Kids Under Control

One reason you shouldn’t eat in your car is because it sets a bad precedent for kids, if you have them. Kids can really do a number on the interior of your car – especially if you let them have snacks, drinks, or meals inside your car.

This step is easier said than done, of course – but if you set forth some rules about conduct inside your car, and you tell your kids about them, you may be surprised at the results.

5. Don’t Ever Leave A Mess

If you’ve made a mess of your car – there’s a bunch of mud on your floormat, you forgot to roll your windows down before a storm, or you spilled a drink or other liquid – clean it up ASAP. If you leave a mess behind in your car, it will almost certainly leave a stain, and you may never be able to fully clean up the mess.

Cleaning up messes as you make them encourages you to keep your car in better condition. Once you’ve stained your car severely, you might give up on maintaining it entirely – and that’s not what you want.

6. Keep Your Car In The Garage – Or Cover It

If you have a garage, use it for your car – not for a bunch of junk. It’s become very common to just use your garage as a storage space for miscellaneous stuff like yard equipment, sporting equipment, building materials – you get the picture.

If you have a garage and aren’t using it for your car, try to clear it out. Keeping your car out of the elements will help preserve its life, and keep it clean for longer periods of time. If you’re in Winnipeg, your car will also be much warmer in the winter mornings, allowing you to spend less time warming it up with a block heater.

If you don’t have access to a garage, you can also cover your car when you’re not using it. Car covers are inexpensive, and especially handy if you don’t drive too often.

7. Keep A Trash Bag In Your Vehicle

One great way to help your car stay clean is to have a dedicated trash bag. You’re always going to have trash in your car – empty cans, receipts, wrappers – and if you don’t have somewhere to put all this garbage, it’ll end up on your floor.

Set up an old grocery bag in your car to be used as a dedicated trash bag. You can toss all your trash in there, and ensure that your car stays clean.

8. Take Something With You Whenever You Leave

This is one of the most simple ways you can keep your car clean. Did you stop for gas? Empty your trash bag. Did you just get home from the gym? Grab that pair of sneakers that has been clunking around in the backseat and take them inside with you.

If you make it a point to always take something with you when you leave your car, you can make sure that your car remains clutter-free – and after a while, it will become such a habit that you won’t even have to do it consciously.

9. Keep It Clean – And It Will Stay Clean

Keeping a clean car is like keeping a clean room – if it’s clean to begin with, you’re less likely to make a mess.

Think about it. If your kitchen has a few dishes in the sink, you might just add to the pile – if your bedroom has dirty laundry on the floor, you’re more likely to toss your old socks on the floor, instead of using your laundry hamper.

The same thing applies to your car. If you keep it nice and clean, you’re not going to just leave trash in it – you’ll get rid of it immediately. Your passengers will do the same. When they notice that your car is clean, they’re going to be much more conscientious, and they won’t leave behind any trash.

Follow These Tips – Keep Your Used Car Clean!

If you spend just a bit of time and effort following these simple tips, you’ll notice a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of your car. Sometimes, though, your car will need a little more attention – maybe it’s been years since you’ve had it cleaned, or you’ve never had the interior detailed.

If your vehicle needs a little extra TLC, turn it over to the professional detailing team at Ride Time. Our expert vehicle detailers will make your car look and feel brand new with advanced interior cleaning techniques, high-quality washes and waxes, and much, much more.

Our services give you a great opportunity to start fresh, and begin keeping your car clean – even if you’ve had problems doing so in the past.
So get your car detailed at Ride Time today, and enjoy the many benefits that a clean, beautiful used car has to offer.


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