Having Trouble Finding The Perfect Used Car? Then Build It!

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custom used car

New cars are nice; there is no question about that. But they don’t come without a significant cost. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase a new car to get all the upgrades you want. Ride Time has a fantastic team of mechanical experts who can pimp out your ride and make it the car you have always dreamed of, without the nightmare of an unnecessary monthly car loan.

Instead of looking for a new or used car, sometimes it just makes sense to upgrade and customize what you already have. Many cars can be fitted with all the latest gadgets and cool features aftermarket. The mechanics at Ride Time can also alter the exterior to turn your not-so- nice car into something spectacular — for a fraction of the cost of financing a new or used car.

Bigger brakes

To make your car a more intimidating ride, try adding a big brake kit. If you want to make your wheels larger and in charge, change out the wheel size with aftermarket tires and let the big brake kit make them look even hotter. Not only do they improve the capacity of your braking ability; they also look cool on the outside. Before you worry about engine customization, consider ensuring that you can stop even a powerful upgraded engine with outstanding brakes.

Carbon body parts

Tired of your late-model fiberglass exterior? Fear not! Our professionals can change out your car panels for new lightweight carbon fiber alternatives. Less weight means better gas mileage and more control over your car’s performance. The best part is that it looks cool and alluring to passersby.

Body kits

Body kits are one of the best ways to completely overhaul your used ride. If you want to make a serious impression, then a fitted body kit is the way to go. Not everyone is cut out for this option, but for some, it might be the total transformation that turns their shabby car to chic.

Performance Silicone Radiator Hoses

Upgrading your car isn’t all about the exterior. Sometimes the customization you can’t see is what really makes the car. Silicone radiator hoses last longer than traditional rubber ones, and the best part is that when someone takes a peek under the hood, they have something really cool to look at.

Turbo Kits

To turn your okay-fast car into a super-fast one, there is nothing like installing a super turbo kit. A turbo kit can increase your engine’s performance significantly. Pull the junk out of your truck, and when you hit the gas, make sure that you make a super-charged impression.

Aftermarket Wheels

If you want to add some texture to make your car stand out, the best way to do so is to get customized aftermarket tires. Ride Time has a vast number of colors to choose from. We also have different styles from low-end to high-end, depending on your budget.


For an inexpensive upgrade that makes a big difference, try improving the quality of your car radio system by taking it up a notch with a subwoofer system. The output of your sound system will increase immensely, and if you have the subwoofers custom built, your car will look completely customized.

Performance Exhaust Mufflers

If you want your wheels to look as amazing going as they do coming, then add a performance exhaust muffler. Made of chrome, they give the exterior a lot of flash. And it’s not just about the expensive look — they can reduce the loud noise that your used car may be spreading around the neighborhood.

Steering Wheel upgrade

If you have a drab, unexciting steering wheel, grab onto something much more appealing. If you choose a smaller-sized aftermarket steering wheel, it will require less movement to get your car to respond; if you get a larger one, you can take the turns sweet and slow. Since it is all about customization, you choose which one suits you best.

If your used car has begun to lose its luster, don’t give up on it just yet by trading it in for a new or used car and incurring the expense. Ride Time has an amazing line of aftermarket customization parts to turn your decent ride into something so cool it is almost indecent. Stop by the shop today and let the Ride Time team know how we can build you a car you can be proud to drive.


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