How To Get (And Keep) A 5-Star Uber Rating


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At Ride Time, we’re very excited about Uber coming to Winnipeg! It will only be a few months until Winnipeg residents can use this modern, convenient ride-sharing services – and we’re sure a lot of you are thinking about becoming Uber drivers to make some extra cash.

At Ride Time, we’ll be offering vehicle servicing to Uber drivers, and we are familiar with all Uber vehicle and driver requirements. We’re a one-stop shop to help you get started with this ride-sharing service!

So, to help you prepare for the expansion of Uber into Winnipeg, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to get great feedback, and keep a 5-star Uber rating. Having a high rating helps you get more rides, and ensures that you’re well-regarded by all of your riders.

Here are a few ways you can make sure you achieve (and maintain) a 5-star rating on Uber!

1. Keep It Clean

One of the top things that riders are looking for is a well-maintained, clean car. Your car doesn’t have to be brand new or fancy – it just has to smell good, be free of junk and trash, and be clean enough that a rider will feel comfortable.

Consider getting your interior detailed at Ride Time if your car has seen better days – this is sure to help improve your Uber rating, and get you more riders!

2. Drive Safely And Smoothly

Most Uber riders would prefer a smooth, safe, and comfortable driving experience to a faster ride. Try to accelerate and brake gently, drive defensively, and ensure that you are staying within the speed limit.

In addition, you shouldn’t drive distracted. That means you need to put down the cell phone, and pay attention to your route! Safe, smooth, and undistracted driving is a big factor when it comes to determining your rating.

3. Drive In Areas That Are Familiar To You

We recommend mostly operating in areas that you have driven around before, so that you’re aware of things like one-way streets, major destinations such as bars and sporting arenas, and other such things.

This makes it easier for you to navigate and provide an exceptional riding experience, because you will not need to reference your GPS as much.

4. Make Pickups Easy

The entire Uber experience begins with the pickup. Do your best to pick your riders up on the correct side of the road – you can check the Uber app to see where they are located.

And if you are picking someone up at a large, crowded area, don’t be afraid to give them a call, and ask them where they are. Be friendly – they’re looking for you, too!

5. Be Friendly!

Uber is, in the end, a service business. You’re providing a service – so customer expect a certain level of politeness and friendliness from you. Even if driving for Uber isn’t your favorite thing in the world, maintain a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor.

Feel free to make conversation, but make sure that it’s wanted and desirable – if you feel that your rider would prefer to remain silent, respect that right.

6. Consider Providing Extra Amenities

You don’t have to offer extra amenities to get a great rating on Uber, but it helps! Consider things like:

  • Providing phone chargers to riders
  • Giving away snacks and drinks like candy and bottled water
  • Offering gum or mints to riders
  • Allowing riders to use their phones to play music with an AUX cord

These kinds of amenities are more important if you drive for UberBLACK, the higher-class, higher-cost Uber service, rather than the lower-cost UberX. They are not essential for every driver. Still, they are a great way to boost your customer ratings.

Come To Ride Time Now – Prepare Your Car For Uber!

Before you start getting 5-star ratings on Uber, you’re going to need to get your car ready to drive! Uber requires certain standards for their vehicles – such as tire tread checks, engine checks, and verification that all electrical systems and safety systems are functioning.

So if you need to get your car checked out before you start driving with Uber in Winnipeg, come to Ride Time. We have an 8-bay service centre, and a 4-bay detailing centre – we’re the best one-stop shop for Uber drivers in Winnipeg.

Schedule your appointment online now. We hope to see you soon!


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