Preserving Your Car’s Upholstery And Interior – Our Top Tips

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Preserving Car's Upholstery

Whether you’ve got a brand-new car, or a high-quality used vehicle that you’re looking to drive for years to come, it’s important to keep your car looking great – and this starts with the interior of your vehicle.

If your car is clean and well-maintained inside, it will likely be worth more when you eventually trade it in or sell it, and it will be a pleasure to drive. In this guide, we’ll go over our top tips for preventing wear & tear on your car’s interior and upholstery. Let’s begin.

1. Keep It Clean

The dirtier your car is, the more likely it is to become worn-down. Tiny dust particles and debris can cause upholstery and other materials to wear more quickly. So, first things first, you should keep your car clean and vacuum it as much as you can.

As a rule, it’s best to go through your car and vacuum it whenever you clean it at a car wash – every 2-3 weeks. Most car washes have powerful vacuums that are either free with a wash, or will cost just a few bucks.

Using one of these vacuums, go over every leather or textile surface of your car, vacuuming up crumbs, dust, and other debris.

2. Protect Your Car From UV Rays

Over time, UV rays can bleach the inside of your car, and even cause plastic and leather to become brittle and damaged. That’s why it’s important to protect your car from the sun. Here’s how.

  • Always park in a garage or a carport if you can
  • Park your car in the shade as much as possible when away from home
  • Use a windshield “sun shield” UV reflector to protect your dash
  • Consider having your windows tinted to provide further protection (if allowed by your province)

By reducing the amount of time your car spends in the sun, you can prevent damage from UV rays.

3. Don’t Eat Or Drink In Your Car

The best way to avoid stains, crumbs, and bad smells in your car is simple – never eat in your car. If you’re eating on-the-go, consider parking and eating outside of your car, rather than eating inside.

Eating and drinking in your car may seem like a good idea if you’re careful, but over time you will spill coffee, soda, and other drinks, and eating will cause food particles to get between your seats, and into other hard-to-reach places. Make your car a no-eating zone. It’s worth it.

4. Invest In Seat Covers And Floor Mats

Floor mats are great in Winnipeg, because they help prevent salt stains and damage to your car in the winter, and collect mud that would otherwise stain your car. It’s best to have floor mats in both your front seat and back seat, and to clean them regularly.

Seat covers may also be a good choice, especially if you want to prevent wear to older car upholstery. They’re inexpensive, and protect your seats from damage, stains, and UV light.

5. Consider Treating Your Upholstery With A Stain-Resistant Compound

In addition to seat covers and floor mats, it’s a good idea to treat your upholstery with Scotchgard or a similar fabric preserver. A fabric preserver enhances the water-resistance and stain resistance of your upholstery, and allows you to keep it clean by simply wiping off mud, stains, and other spills.

6. Don’t Treat Your Car Like A Storage Unit

You don’t need to drive around with tons of stuff in your trunk and your backseat. Doing so will make it harder to clean your car, and to understand what parts of it need attention.

In addition, if you carry around trash or liquids in your car, it could eventually leak and cause stains and damage to your interior.

Keep your car clear of everything but the essentials. It will be easier to clean, and you’ll be able to take better care of your interior.

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Interior Clean And Beautiful

If you’re looking to preserve the value of your used car, these tips are sure to help. By following them, you’ll keep the dash, upholstery, and other interior areas of your car in great shape.

Need help restoring your car’s interior? Come to Ride Time today! We offer expert detailing services, and we can help you get your car into great shape – whether you’re interested in selling it, or are just looking to keep it in top condition while you’re driving it.


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