Trade-In Wars: Keeping Car Dealers Honest in Manitoba

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Shopping for used cars in Winnipeg can be a tricky game. You have to find the right car to meet your family’s needs, stay within your budget, and you have to try to negotiate a fair price on your trade-in. That’s a lot of variables.

We honestly believe we can satisfy every one of those requirements at our used car dealership, but we have to face the facts: We don’t own all the used cars in Canada. Not yet anyway.
banana-hostage-729233-edited.pngThe car you really want might be at another dealership. So, what do you do when you’ve found your dream car, the price is right, but they’re giving you a low-ball offer on your trade-in?

Normally, this is where you have to make a decision: Do you pass on the car you wanted, to get a better trade-in elsewhere or do you take the deal, accepting the loss on your used car to buy the car you want?

Lucky for you, we still want to be your friends in the car business.

Don’t Accept A Bad Offer on Your Used Car. Ever.

Don't let car dealers hold the car you want hostage for a bad trade-in priceYou should never accept a bad offer on your used car, there’s no reason to. Whether they’re just undervaluing it or even trying to screw you on the trade, don’t let them push you around. You have another option.

Come to Ride Time and let us make you an offer on your car. We’ll give you a voucher to take to that other dealer. If honored within 7 days, we’ll buy that car off them at the full price on the voucher.

You get the car you wanted, you get maximum benefits on your trade from us and we get more cars to sell. Everybody wins — even the jerk who low-balled you. Talk about generous.

Before you even visit those other dealers, find out what your car is worth from somebody you trust to give you a good deal. When they try to hold the car you want hostage to force you into a low trade-in value, you can show them our voucher and get what your car is really worth.

Start your trade-in evaluation online right now. When you bring your used vehicle to Ride Time you can browse our huge selection of quality used cars, trucks and SUVs while we finalize your voucher. Whether or not you want to buy from us, we’ll make you an offer that we’ll honor at ours, or any other dealership.


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