Used Car Smell: 3 Tips To Get That Mystery Smell Out Of Your New Used Car

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used car smell

Everyone loves it! That new car smell that wafts into your nostrils the moment you enter that pristine piece of exquisite machinery. It’s like sliding into a Jacuzzi full of freshly opened tennis balls. It’s like standing barefoot on hot cement, it burns a little, but you still can’t help grabbing another sniff. Still, despite the infinite appeal of the new car smell, the prices and payment plans often stink like a steamy pile of garbage.

More often than not, the best deals and models are in the used car industry. However, when you shop at a less than reputable used car dealer (unlike Ridetime), you run the risk of the previous owner’s presence lingering in your nostrils. Now, with the Canadian used car industry continually surpassing the historic sales, the threat of previous owner stench lingering is greater than ever. In 2016, the Canadian used car industry accounted for almost 60% of car sales. So, with that in mind, here are three ways to get that mystery smell out of a new used car.

#1 – Put something else in your car that doesn’t smell like hot garbage.

This might seem a little unorthodox, but it’s definitely the quickest and easiest way to overpower any smell. Does your car smell like socks? Put a cup of coffee grounds in your cup holder and watch as your smell transforms from a hockey team’s locker room to a street side Parisian café. Does your car smell like cigarette smoke? Leave a container of Potpourri in your car and soon enough it’ll stop smelling like your grandfather, and start smelling like your grandmother.

In all seriousness though, this is a very effective way to alter the scent of your car. What’s more, you can feel free to have fun with it! Have you always wanted your used car to smell like a new car? Just open up a fresh can of tennis balls, rest it in your cup holder, and cruise the city like a big shot in your beige 2004 Toyota Corolla!

#2 – Cat Litter

Unused cat litter! Emphasis on the “Unused” part! Please do not put used cat litter in your car then be like, “Now it smells like cat poop in my car, that blog lied to me!”. Unused cat litter is a great way to overpower, and soak up any smell haunting your car. Cat litter has powerful deodorizers built into its formula that can overtime neutralize the scent in the enclosed space of your car. Leave an open bag of cat litter in the back seat of your car for two weeks, then remove the bag and see if the smell still lingers. If it does, just put the litter back in your car for a few more days. If it doesn’t, then congratulations, you did it!

#3 – Steam Cleaning

Sometimes, you’re dealing with a situation beyond the scope of traditional human comprehension. Sometimes, the stench has ingrained itself in the fabric of your car, and can’t be shaken from its stinky grip by any natural force on this Earth. That’s when it’s time to call in the big guns! In some cases, steam cleaning might really be your only legitimate option. As much as you can try to overpower the scent, some situations require you to neutralize it at the source. You may need to rent out a steam cleaner or enlist the help of some service that uses an odor-removing enzyme to blast the stench particles to kingdom come.

You’ll want to remove any removable fabrics, such as floor mats, from the car and treat them out on your driveway. You’ll then want to steam clean the inside surfaces of your vehicle from head to toe and allow it to air out for a couple hours.

Any survivor of a medically smelly used car can attest that buying from a reputable and well-equipped dealer like Ridetime can save you a lot of hassle. Ridetime’s team of trained professionals refuses to put any car on the lot that isn’t in absolutely tiptop condition. Our state of the art facilities and rugged professionalism insures that the car you buy is ready to drive without any sort of pre-owned hindrance. Do the nostrils of the world a big favor, by purchasing your next used car from a reliable dealer like Ridetime.


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