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You know the old saying, “Never do business with friends and family.”? That is some cynical bull#$@!. We’ve been doing business pretty much exclusively with friends and family for generations and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s some better advice, “Don’t do business with jerks.” Or how about “Don’t do business with people you obviously can’t trust.”

A Family Owned Business Calls Your Community Home

The number one reason why you should do business with a family owned dealership is we’re invested in your community, just like you are. Your struggles are our struggles. We’re not just family owned, we’re family. 

The Canadian Dollar is Broken Because: Economy

Heart strings aside, there are some practical reasons to do business with a family owned dealership. One big reason is your local economy.

Like children and small dogs, economies require stimulation or they get bored and cause mischief. Nobody wants to live in a bored toddler economy.

When you do business with a local, family owned company your hard earned dollars stay where they belon: close to home.

Instead of supporting a big company from who-knows-where, you invest in your local community. The tax dollars improve your own schools and communities.  

You’re also protecting local jobs–your neighbor can put food on the table and all those tax dollars keep your roads in tip-top shape. You’ll need roads for your new car.

Now, are we saying buying a used car from us will save the Canadian dollar nationally? No. Well, maybe.

You’ll Like Us Better

No matter where you go, you won’t find better service in Winnipeg or Manitoba than a family owned dealer.

You walk into a big franchise dealer, “the perfect car” for you is going to be picked by analyzing advertising budgets and inventory management. That’s great if your aim is to do them a favor and help them clear inventory. But we’re pretty sure that’s not why you’re shopping for a car.

As a family owned business rooted in Winnipeg, we are personally invested in you, as a neighbor, from the moment you walk into our lot. We care about our reputation, want to see you again, and will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience with us every time you come by for a visit.

We’ll help you find the right car, hand picked from our inventory to meet your needs and budget. We can finance anybody no matter what their credit, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We top it off with our unique family advantage plan. This means complimentary oil changes for life, WalkAway Debt Protection and we’ll even throw in 300 bucks credit for each referral you send our way.

Dad always said, “When it comes to making money or making friends, we always choose to make friends”. We stand by this still today. Come on by today and see how great it is buying from family.


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