Why Have Just A Stereo When You Can Have An Entertainment System?

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The good news is that cars last much longer these days than they ever have in the past. The bad news is that sometimes with age, they aren’t as spectacular anymore. Instead of trading in your used car for new, consider putting a little bit of money into upgrading its features. The first place to focus? If you have a later-model car, then replace your radio with something awesome like an entire infotainment system. Taking the boredom out of commuting to work or cross-country, an entertainment system is an upgrade for both driver and passenger, and it can help you be more connected while in transit.

Add Bluetooth connectivity

If you are stuck listening to your old radio or CDs, then upgrading your stereo to add Bluetooth connectivity is an excellent way to increase the joy of your ride. Since distracted driving is one of the biggest reasons for car accidents, having hands-free technology will make your road trip far safer. With Bluetooth, you can also stream music from Spotify or Pandora from your cell phone, and it allows you to use hands-free technology to talk while driving.

A touchscreen display

Upgrade your current radio display to one that is touchscreen so that you never have to fiddle with buttons while driving. There are a ton of awesome custom displays that give options like different colored lights, a bigger face, and navigation. With a touch of the screen you can skim through music, surf the net, or for those who are still old-school, play your CDs — just with a more high-end look.

Add a DVD player

Sick of listening to the kids ask, “Are we there yet?”? If your car didn’t come with a built-in DVD player or monitors for the kids, you could get an aftermarket DVD player to entertain the whole family. Headrest displays can keep everyone happy. You can even add two, so that everyone has a good view of the movie. This is a much better option than taking a portable DVD player along with you on the road, because you can control it from the front console and not have to fumble around from the front seat to help your little ones change the volume or the movies. For very little cost, you can add DVD entertainment that will make the ride much shorter for everyone and way less irritating for you.

Add a subwoofer

Sometimes it isn’t the quality of your radio that is at issue. Often, it is the quality of the speakers that were originally installed in the car. If you have subpar standard speakers, there are some incredible subwoofer components that will increase the output of your existing speakers exponentially. They’re not just about making the sound louder; if you choose a high-end system, you can customize it to make the sound crisper, clearer and much more enjoyable. The best part about adding a subwoofer system is that you can add it for very little cost or go all out — the choice is yours. Ride Time can help you to make your car more like a portable music venue.

A stereo system with apps

Apps aren’t just for phones anymore. Many aftermarket front displays come complete with all of your favorite apps. You no longer need to use your phone for streaming; you can do it directly from the car display itself. Both Apple Play and Android have their own version that is fully compatible with your smartphone or mobile device account.

If you want to save money by holding on to your used car, but think you deserve a cooler ride, then let Ride Time custom fit you with the stereo and audio system of your dreams. Not only can it reduce distractions while on the road; a new infotainment system can keep both driver and passengers happy. The amount of customization is up to you, so come in today to talk to our professionals at Ride Time to figure out what would make your ride better.


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