3 Reasons You Should NEVER Skip An Oil Change

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Car Oil Change

If you’re a car owner, you probably dread your 6-month trip to the mechanic for an oil change. We know that it can be quite inconvenient to take time out of your day to change your oil – even if you do it yourself.

But oil changes are the single most important maintenance step that car owners can take. Without regular oil changes, disaster can strike – and you can permanently damage your car.

Learn more about why you should never skip oil changes now. And if you’re overdue for your next change, come to Ride Time today!

1. Worn Out Oil Can Damage Your Engine Before You Know It

As oil continues to circulate throughout your engine, it picks up debris and moisture that makes it much less effective. Oil is constantly lubricating important engine components like pistons and driveshafts, and to protect your engine components, it must be in good condition.

If you fail to change your oil, your car can suffer from a number of problems. It may start overheating, which puts excessive wear on other engine components. Debris may also begin to damage metal components in your engine, or the sludgy oil may “seize”, causing a catastrophic engine failure.

Even just driving for a few months with an overdue oil change can cause all of these problems – and more.

2. Oil Deteriorates With Time – Not Just Mileage

Even if you don’t drive your car that much, you still need to replace your oil in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Of course, if you drive more, your oil will run out sooner – but over time, even infrequent wear will cause oil to wear out.

So even if you’re an infrequent driver, make sure to get your oil changed according to the instructions given by your automaker. You won’t regret it.

3. Regular Oil Changes Save You Money In The Long Run

The cost of an oil change – even using top-grade synthetic oil – will cost you under $100. A basic oil change with filter and up to 6L of oil will only cost you $50. Sure, that sounds like a lot of money – but consider these costs.

  • Complete engine rebuild – $2,250-$4,000+
  • Piston repair – $900-$1,800
  • Engine head gasket replacement – $1,000-$2,000
  • Oil pump replacement – $350-$600

These are just a few of the issues that might occur when you don’t change your oil. $50 doesn’t sound too bad anymore, does it?

4. You Don’t Just Get An Oil Change When Your Car Is Serviced

Even at a basic oil change, most service shops will be willing to take a look at the basic condition of your car.

They’ll check things like tire alignment, and see if you need a tire rotation. They will also examine things like your headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, fluid levels in your car, brake pads and rotors, and other basic components that require regular servicing.

Visiting a service centre for an oil change is the best way to keep up on routine maintenance, even without a full point inspection. You can catch other mechanical issues that may become more severe over time – and save money by addressing them quickly.

Need An Oil Change In Winnipeg? Come To Ride Time Today!

At Ride Time, we offer oil changes to all of our customers for competitive rates. We’ll also take a look at the overall condition of your car – and make sure you stay “in the know” about any other maintenance that may be recommended.

So don’t wait – and don’t let sludgy oil destroy your engine. Routine maintenance is critical for the health of your used car, and at Ride Time, we offer the best maintenance services at a reasonable price. Schedule your appointment with our service centre online now.


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