5 Things To Look At When Buying A Used Pickup Truck

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used pickup truck

Pickup trucks are expensive. In Canada, a brand-new Ford pickup truck can easily cost you anywhere from $25,000-$50,000 CAD – and as demand for pickups continues to grow, so does their price.

This means that used pickup trucks are more appealing than ever to new car buyers in Canada. However, it can be pretty difficult to pick out a great used pickup truck.

After all, trucks are used for commercial and industrial applications, and often for hauling heavy loads. If you don’t know a truck’s history or know what to look for, it’s tough to assess the overall quality of a used pickup truck.

So to help you out as you search for a perfect used pickup truck, Ride Time has put together this handy list! Check out this list of 5 things to look at when buying a used pickup truck, and ensure that you get your hands on a high-quality used vehicle!

1. Talk To The Previous Owner

One of the first things you should do to understand the condition of a used pickup truck is to understand what it was actually used for.

Though many Canadians use pickup trucks for work, and to haul heavy loads, there are quite a few trucks that function mainly as everyday transportation. Because of this, understanding whether a vehicle was used for commercial or personal applications is a good idea.

Trucks that were used by individuals probably haven’t done as much heavy lifting over their lifespans, but may not have been maintained well. On the other hand, a commercially-used truck may have done quite a bit of towing and hauling – but is more likely to have been maintained regularly for maximum performance.

So, if you can, talk to the previous owner and see how the truck was used. This will give you a better idea of what to look at when inspecting it, and considering a purchase.

2. Repair And Maintenance History

Often, you may not be able to talk to the previous owner of a truck – especially if you’re shopping at a dealership. However, you should ask for a comprehensive repair and maintenance history, if available.

These reports can help you understand how well the vehicle has been maintained, and get a better idea of its overall quality, and how many miles it may have left in it.

If you can’t get a maintenance report, you should definitely use a website like CARPROOF to check for major repairs and accidents involving the vehicle. You should also ask for a third-party inspection by a mechanic of your choice, so that you can verify that the truck is in good condition.

3. Bed And Towing Hitch Integrity

Heavy use of the truck bed and towing hitch are signs that a truck has had a rough life.

Start by inspecting the truck bed for rust and corrosion, and heavy scratches or dings – these can be signs that the truck was heavily used, but not taken care of properly.

You should also examine the truck bed for signs of recent repainting, which could be covering up serious structural damage or flaws.

Next, examine the towing hitch. This can tell you quite a bit about how a truck was used. Take a deep look at the hitch itself. Is it heavily worn and scratched? Are the bolts attaching it to the frame, warped? Is the licence plate bent? Are there signs of damage around the towing hitch, or any cracks in the surrounding metal?

It’s important to understand how much towing, a pickup truck has done. The mechanical systems of a truck that has gone 200,000 kilometers while only hauling light loads may be in better condition than a truck that’s traveled 100,000 kilometers towing a heavy trailer, or an RV.

4. Signs Of Heavy Off-Road Use

There’s nothing we Canadians love more than a good bit of off-roading – especially behind the wheel of a powerful, 4×4 truck. And many trucks in Canada are used on ranches, farms, and construction sites – where some off-roading may be necessary.

However, when you’re looking to purchase a truck, you’ll want to avoid trucks that have been heavily used off-road. Off-road use is extremely taxing on the mechanical and structural systems of trucks.

Signs of heavy off-road use include deep scratches and dings on the underside of the vehicle’s frame, and suspiciously bent parts. These can be signs of heavy off-road activity, which can lead to increased wear on the transmission, suspension, and chassis of the truck.

5. Strong, Unbent Frame

The frame is the body upon which the rest of the truck is built – the chassis that connects the body of the vehicle to the mechanical components. Because of this, you must look for a truck with a strong, unbent frame.

Bent frames are bad news – they’re either a sign that the vehicle has been in a serious accident, and had its frame straightened, or that a truck has been used to do heavy-duty activities like snowplowing, hauling heavy trailers, or a lot of off-roading.

Get underneath the truck. Take a look at the frame to ensure that it’s straight, and that it’s free from rust, large dents, or suspiciously-fresh undercoating or rustproofing.

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