5 Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Used Car’s Engine

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Used Car Engine

When you purchase a great used car from a dealership like Ride Time, you’re making an investment.  Properly cared for, the engines in modern can last in excess of 400,000 kilometers – provided that you take the proper precautions and maintenance steps!

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 simple tips you can follow to prolong the lifespan of your car’s engine – and ensure that you get the most out of your new investment!

1. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Regular maintenance is absolutely the most critical step for prolonging the lifespan of your car’s engine. Oil, coolant, and fluids must be changed regularly to ensure that your engine is operating properly.

If you want to make sure that your car is properly maintained, we recommend following the “severe use” maintenance plan found in your driver’s manual. This maintenance schedule is much more aggressive, and while it may cost you more to maintain your car in the short-term, the long-term investment is well worth the price.

2. Slow Down, Speed Racer!

Speeding is one of the most avoidable causes of engine wear. Excessive speeding increases wear and tear on your transmission and engine components – especially if you’re upshifting and downshifting constantly. It can also cause higher fuel consumption, and it’s dangerous – not to mention illegal.

Abiding by the speed limit helps you decrease wear on your engine, and limit your fuel consumption – prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle. So obey the law, and your car will thank you for it!

3. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Speed isn’t the only thing that can affect your engine’s health. Sudden starts and stops, and erratic driving behavior are bad for your car. Constantly accelerating and decelerating means that your car has to work harder to achieve its desired speed.

So consider modifying your driving habits. Accelerate to top speed more slowly – over about 15 seconds – and try to drive defensively, so that you can spot stops and slowdowns ahead of time, and take appropriate action.

A more steady, defensive driving style will reduce damage to your engine, and help you stay safer on the road – and that’s a win-win!

4. Drop That Heavy Load!

Larger trucks and SUVs are rated to carry heavy loads, often in excess of thousands of kilograms – but they’re designed specifically to do so.

On the other hand, small crossover vehicles and sedans are not built to carry heavy loads – even if it is technically possible to do so. Towing or carrying large objects with a smaller vehicle can seriously increase engine stress, and lead to premature engine failure. So consult your owner’s manual to make sure your car can handle a heavy load, and keep your engine safe.

You should also try to reduce unnecessary weight when driving normally – remove heavy boxes, heavy equipment, and other things that you don’t need immediate access to, and you’ll reduce strain on the engine.

5. Keep The Chill Away – Warm Up Properly On Cold Days

This is especially important for those of us in Winnipeg. Driving a car that’s cold is horrible for the engine – the oil is not heated up and can’t properly protect engine components, and you can cause serious damage to the engine block.

So if you’re in Winnipeg or another chilly region of Canada, make sure that you take the proper steps to warm your car up on frosty days. Wait at least 1 minute after starting your car to drive when it’s near-freezing – and up to 5 minutes if it’s far below 0C.

You should also consider keeping your car inside your garage, and using a block heater to keep the oil warmed up so that you don’t have to spend extra time idling your vehicle before driving.

Follow These Tips – Keep Your Car In Great Shape For Years To Come!

By maintaining your car aggressively, and minimizing wear by driving safely, you can have a huge impact on your car’s longevity. If you follow these tips, your engine is going to stay in great shape for years to come!

And if you need used car maintenance services in Winnipeg, come to Ride Time! We’re experts at maintaining and restoring used vehicles, and our all-new 8-bay service station helps us provide you with expert care!

So come to Ride Time today. We’ll take great care of your used car, and help you get the most out of your investment!


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