8 Things Your Mechanic Won’t Tell You

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In general, mechanics are good, hardworking people. They’re also trying to run a business and make money, so they often won’t be as upfront with you as you’d like. Let’s take a look at some of the things they might not say to you and how you should handle it if it happens.

1. “You Should Take Your Car Somewhere Else”

Few mechanics will let you know that you are in the wrong place and should take your car to a different shop. Each mechanic has a specialty, and you may be better served at a location that specializes in what’s wrong with your car. A Jack-of-all-trades mechanic may be in over their head with your specific problem. 

2. “I’m Not Sure About That”

You go to your mechanic because they’re the expert. They’re supposed to know everything that’s wrong with your car. Admitting that they’re stumped is not something that creates a strong sense of professionalism. If you’re getting the vibe that the problem you have is out of their knowledge base, don’t be afraid to take it somewhere else, rather than let them start fishing around for the problem.

3. “I’m Not Familiar with Your Particular Car”

Some mechanics will work on just about anything, thinking that a car is a car. But, with all of the new advancements in auto technology, there’s a big difference between servicing a car from last year and one from 20 years ago. Some cars can even have a unique system that is exclusive to that model. Do some extra homework, and make sure that your mechanic has worked on your car before and they know what they’re up against.

4. “You Don’t Need to Change the Oil Every 3,000 Miles”

One of the more outdated pieces of advice you’ll get from some mechanics is that you need to come in for an oil change every 3,000 miles or every three months—whichever happens first. For starters, many of today’s newer cars are better off using synthetic oil that allows them to get more miles than before. Some oils can even can last 10,000 miles or more between oil changes, depending on your driving habits and type of car.

5. “You Should Find a New Mechanic”

Mechanics know that having a solid foundation of returning customers is how you keep your business going. Even though they might not be the best around, they’ll never let you know that. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out other mechanics in the area and see if you like their service and pricing better than your usual one.

6. “I Might Charge You Twice for Labor”

One of the more frustrating things to find on your mechanic’s bill is that they charged you twice for doing the same work. This can happen when you have two parts serviced on the same car and you have to remove one part to get to the other. You might notice that they charge you time to take off the part that needed to be removed simply to get to the part behind it.

7. “I’m Ready for the Weekend”

One thing that’s human nature: We all look forward to the weekend. This is especially true for mechanics, who get to take a few days off to rest and recuperate after a tough work week. The thing is, they may rush through a job to get it done before the weekend so that they can clock out Friday afternoon without having it on their plate come Monday.

If you bring your car in at the beginning of the week, your mechanic will likely be in “work mode” and see your problem through all the way to the end.

8. “You Don’t Really Need What I’m Recommending”

Mechanics want to make money. One way to do that is by recommending services that might be nice in the long run, but aren’t entirely necessary in the moment. Ask them if what they’re suggesting is absolutely essential right now or if it can wait until later and, if so, how long it can wait.

We’ll Service You Right!

At Ride Time, we are honest and upfront when it comes to servicing your vehicle. We’ll fix it right! If we don’t know how to fix your particular problem, we will point you in the direction you need to go. Stop in today, and we’ll get you squared away!


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