Breaking It Down: How to Explain the MPI Winter Tire Program to Anyone


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Talking about cars and safety with friends and family can sometimes be like skating on thin ice—especially when they’re not as savvy on the topic as you are. Winter in Manitoba is a stark example; it can be challenging to explain why the seasonal tire switch is a non-negotiable.

In this article, we’re about to make the MPI Winter Tire Program as straightforward as a one-timer so that you can effortlessly share its perks with your circle. Or, for the tech-savvy among us, just shoot them the link to this page!

Family walking in shorts surprised by sudden snowfall

Don’t get caught off-guard this winter. Make sure you and your car are fully prepared with the right set of winter tires.

What’s the Deal with the MPI Winter Tire Program?

Think of the MPI Winter Tire Program (WTP) as your go-to financing game plan that allows Manitobans to secure a loan of up to $2,000 per vehicle for winter tires and related expenses. The best part? Ride Time is among the participating retailers.

In simpler terms, you can apply for a budget-friendly loan earmarked for winter tires and other essential vehicle winterizations, making your ride safer and more reliable during our frigid Manitoba winters. Check below for a complete rundown of what you can add to your winter driving arsenal with the WTP.

Why Winter Tires Are a Must

Wondering why you can’t stick with all-season tires? Here are the cliff notes:

  • Enhanced Safety: All-season tires aren’t cut out for Manitoba’s bitter cold and heavy snow. Winter tires give you that extra edge of safety.
  • Built for Winter: These tires remain flexible even in low temperatures, providing a grip that all-season tires can’t match.
  • Shorter Stopping Distance: Imagine reducing your stopping distance by up to 30 feet—that’s what winter tires offer.
  • Maintain Speed Safely: You don’t have to crawl along the roads. Winter tires allow you to drive more naturally, albeit still cautiously.

Who’s In?

Eligibility for the WTP is pretty straightforward:

  • You must be an individual customer with Manitoba Public Insurance.
  • Your tire purchase has to be through an authorized retailer like Ride Time.
  • Your account with Manitoba Public Insurance should be in good standing.

What Else Can You Finance?

The WTP has you covered for more than just tires. From rims and mounting to even valve stems and applicable fees, Ride Time can help make it all more manageable.

Payment 411

The WTP’s interest rate is pegged at prime plus two per cent, with monthly payments kicking in a month post loan approval. At Ride Time, we’ll guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you’re set for the winter.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Winter Tire Program, we at Ride Time are at your service. Whether you have questions or are ready to check out our winter tire selection, we’re just a call or click away.

Interest rates are subject to change based on Bank of Canada guidelines.

Drive safe and keep warm, Manitoba!


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