Filters – What They Are, What They Do, And Why They Need To Be Replaced Regularly

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Car Filters

Servicing your vehicle is a highly involved and intricate process. It’s not always as simple as an oil change and tire rotation. Depending on the mileage, model, and age of your car, your vehicle’s various filters need to be maintained at specific intervals. Canadians care about the efficiency and reliability of their vehicles, so regular servicing of your car filters is critical.

Filters are essential to your car running properly. Keeping them up to date with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will ensure your drive remains smooth and worry free. On the other hand, failing to regularly service them can cause serious permanent damage to your car. To keep your car well equipped, here’s a breakdown of all your car filters, what they do, and why they need to be replaced regularly.

#1 – Air Filter

What It Is

The air filter is an important safety and efficiency feature of your vehicle’s engine. As your motor runs, it sucks in air and passes it through the engine’s body. That’s where your car’s air filter comes in.

What It Does

The air filter prevents debris of all sizes from running into your engine as it passes air through its body. The filter increases smooth, clean airflow through your engine allowing it to run more efficiently and securely. This results in superior horsepower and longevity, making your vehicle more powerful, cost effective, and clean.

Why Replace?

If you notice your engine frequently misfiring, producing unusual sounds, or a sudden drop in fuel economy, it might be time to replace your car’s air filter. Failing to replace your air filter regularly could result in breakdowns, spark plug damage, and a permanent decline in your vehicle’s performance. Additionally, a dirty air filter becomes a fire risk of its own. The dust and debris that saturates an unattended filter makes excellent kindling for a stray spark.

Replacing your car’s air filter regularly at a state of the art service facility like Ridetime’s can boost your car’s performance, save you money on gas, and protect you from a host of serious problems.

#2 – Oil Filter

What It Is

Your vehicle’s oil is the lubricant that keeps your engine pumping effectively and cleanly. As such, keeping your oil clean is imperative to your car running smoothly and without consequence. The oil filter is the device through which your oil continually passes on its way through your engine.

What It Does

The oil filter cleans your oil of any contaminants or impurities, ensuring that it doesn’t pass this debris into your engine. Your engine’s oil pump is equipped to pass the oil directly through the filter, where its filtration media sifts and cleans before sending the oil back into the engine to repeat the process.

Why Replace?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and if your car’s engine oil is impure, so will be your engine. Dirty oil can wear on your engine’s mechanical parts, hindering the combustion process. This means worse fuel economy, irreversible damage to your engine, and a need to more frequently replace your car’s engine oil. Properly maintaining your oil filter keeps your car running smoothly, cleanly, and with less impact on your checkbook.

#3 – Cabin Air Filter

What It Is

Your car’s A/C works by sucking in air from the outside, passing the air through its system, and blowing it into the cabin of your car. With this process comes a strong need to properly clean the air in use. That’s where your car’s cabin air filter comes in. It’s job is to clear the air being passed into your vehicle of any debris or contaminants.

What It Does

Some cabin air filters reside in the interior of a vehicle’s HVAC, while others can be found under the hood of your car. Either way, the filter is strategically placed directly in the airflow of your air conditioning. Whether your A/C is pulling new air from the outside, or in the process of recirculating air already in the cabin, the air is still drawn through the filter before being pumped back out.

Why Replace?

Having your cabin air filter regularly serviced by a reputable shop, like Ridetime’s, means that the air you breathe is clean and clear of contaminants. Additionally, poorly filtered air can cause excess dirt and dust to gather in car’s cabin, slowly wearing down the value and aesthetic of your vehicle. Don’t let low grade enter your cabin or your lungs, keep your car’s cabin air filter properly maintained and replace it regularly.


These are just a few potential filters your vehicle will have, and servicing them frequently is critical to your vehicle’s performance. The technicians at Ridetime’s state of the art facility know exactly what each vehicle needs when. Don’t let your car run unfiltered, bring it in for a comprehensive servicing at Ridetime’s top-of-the-line facility and get your vehicle running back again, in top notch condition.


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