HACK The MPI Winter Tire Program

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So, you qualify for The Manitoba Public Insurance Winter Tire Program. Great. Now, how do you make sure you get the most out of it? Here are our top ways to hack the program.

Make Sure You Have Somewhere to Store Those Tires

You don’t need winter tires in the summer. To make sure they last as many seasons as possible, you’re going to want to switch back to your all-season tires when the snow melts.

Unless you have room in your garage and don’t mind hauling tires back and forth (yeah right), you’re going to need somewhere to store them.

Good news–you can cover storage costs with the Winter Tire Program. The catch is, you have to plan ahead and pay for it when you purchase your tires. Make it easy: come to Ride Time, we’ll store your tires for you.

Good thing you’re reading this, huh? Keep going–we’ve got plenty more “hack” and the best is yet to come. (Seriously awesome.)

You just have to qualify to register a car in the province of Manitoba to take advantage of this program!.

If you have a student, work or visitor Visa, you won’t be able to do the financing upfront through a retailer–but don’t lose heart. You may be able pre-purchase winter tires and then get reimbursed later. (Call your Autopac agent before you drop the cash though.)

Shucks, I Already Bought Winter Tires on My Own

That’s OK! As long as you purchased them on or after March 6, 2014, and meet all the necessary financing qualifications, you’re covered. (Oh, yeah, and your tires have to have come from Snowflake Mountain)

Even if you purchased in the States, no problem. The invoice will be converted to Canadian dollars using the current exchange rate.

So get together all those receipts and give your Autopac agent a call.

Lift Your Truck

Here’s the grand finale we promised.

If you’ve been wanting a bad ass lifted truck with sweet rims, now is the time to do it. If you have your eye on some 35″ All Terrain tires, you’re going to need bigger wheels. And a lift kit. The Winter Tire Program can be applied to all associated costs around your wheels when lifting your truck. Really. In order to lift your truck, you would need bigger tires, new wheels with appropriate offset, new TPMS sensors, new lug nuts, and an alignment… All covered under the MPI Winter Tire Program.

Sure, this program was meant to keep you on the road. That’s not what you want these bad boys for, though, is it? That’s OK, we won’t tell. (It was our idea after all…) 

One last tip: The program is good for up to $2,000 per vehicle, not per person. You don’t have to decide between a safer ride in the minivan and lifting your sweet truck. Do both!

Whether you’re looking to stay on the road this winter, or go off (way off!) roading, stop by and we’ll get you rolling with the program. 

Photo: Wapster, Nitto Tire


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