How To Keep Your Car Cool While It’s Parked In The Summer

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Car Parked in Summer

Getting into a car in the summer can be uncomfortable – and even dangerous. Some cars can easily reach interior temperatures of 60 degrees C or even higher in the summer. We all know what it’s like to sit in our car after a long day, and feel like we’ve just walked into a sauna or a steam room!

But you don’t just have to accept sky-high interior temperatures in your car this summer. There are a number of steps you can take to make things more comfortable, and beat the summer heat!

Why Do Cars Get So Hot In The Summer?

Well, it makes sense when you think about the design of a car. When your car has all of its windows closed, it’s essentially airtight.

This means that, as the sun beats down on your car, it will continue to heat the air that’s inside your car – and that air has nowhere to go, so it keeps getting hotter and hotter.

In addition, cars often have metal components and dark or black materials that absorb the radiant light of the sun, further heating up the interior of your vehicle.

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Now that you understand why cars get so hot in the summer, it’s time to take a look at our top tips for beating the heat.

  1. Invest In A Sunshade Or Window Visor – Sun shades and window visors use shiny materials to reflect the rays of the sun, preventing radiant heat from getting into your car.

    This helps keep your car cooler. In addition, because sun shades prevent the sun from shining directly onto metal components of your car – like belt buckles – you have a lower risk of burning yourself on these objects.

  1. Keep Your Windows Cracked (And Consider Investing In Window Deflectors) – If you provide the air in your car with an outlet by cracking your windows slightly, you can lower the interior temperature by several degrees. Every little bit helps!

    If you don’t want to worry about summer storms when you crack your windows, you should think about investing in window deflectors. Window deflectors, also known as “rain guards” hang slightly over your windows, preventing rain from dripping inside.

  1. Park In The Shade Whenever You Can – The best way to reduce the temperature of your car is by parking in the shade. You likely won’t be in the shade all day – due to movements of the sun – but if you can find a spot that’s going to be covered by the shade for at least several hours, your car will not be nearly as hot.
  1. Invest In Dash And Steering Wheel Covers Your dash and steering wheel tend to get extremely hot when exposed to sunlight. Obviously, this is a problem – as you’ll need to touch both your dash and steering wheel when you get into your car.

    Steering wheel covers make it easier to grasp your wheel when it’s hot, as they are usually made out of materials like silicone that do not absorb heat easily. A dash cover can also protect your car’s dash from UV rays, and reduce the air temperature in your car.

  1. Cover Your Seat With A Blanket When You Park Your Car – This is an incredibly simple “hack” that makes it much easier to stay comfortable when getting in your car on a hot day – particularly if you have leather seats or dark, black seats.

    Just throw a towel or blanket over your seat when you get out for the day. Then, when you get back in after your car has been in the sun, just toss it in the backseat. The blanket will absorb the vast majority of heat, and protect the seat from direct sunlight, keeping you more comfortable.

Stay Cool And Comfortable This Summer With These Simple Tips

With these tips, you’re sure to have an easier time getting into your used car this summer, and you’ll stay more comfortable in the hot weather.

And if your car has seen better days (or has a broken A/C), it may be time to invest in a high-quality used car from Ride Time! We have plenty of great vehicles that are sure to meet your needs. Take a look now!


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