How To Maximize Your Profits As An Uber Driver – Our Top Tips


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Uber is coming to Winnipeg soon, despite disputes with Manitoba Public Insurance. If you’re interested in driving for Uber, Ride Time is here to help! We can make sure that your vehicle meets all of Uber’s requirements, and that you’re ready to go when the service launches in Winnipeg.

Wondering how you can make more money as an Uber driver when the service launches? Here are some of our top tips!

1. Locate Local Weekend Hotspots

One of the best ways to make money as an Uber driver is working on the weekends, particularly at night. You can get a lot of work taking passengers to and from bars, as well as sports venues, concert auditoriums, and other special events.

Be ready to work on the weekends, and take advantage of “surge pricing”, which is common after large events let out, and demand for rides skyrockets. This will help you maximize your profit per hour.

2. Work The Airport Route

At just about every time of the day, people will need rides to the airport. Driving to and from the airport can be particularly lucrative if you work early in the mornings, when you’re guaranteed to catch business travelers and vacationers.

You may also be able to pick up another passenger from the airport once you drop your first fare off at the terminal.

3. Develop Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits – And Consider Investing In Another Car

Gas is one of the biggest expenses of Uber drivers. Try to start developing fuel-efficient driving habits, such as:

  • Accelerating gently and steadily
  • Avoiding multiple stops and starts
  • Coasting towards red lights or stop signs, instead of accelerating and braking
  • Driving more slowly – fuel economy dips quickly at speeds of over 80 kilometers per hour.

If you plan on driving for Uber as a full-time job, you may even want to consider investing in a new, fuel-efficient vehicle such as a Prius or another hybrid. By cutting down on gas costs, you can make quite a bit more money.

4. Keep A List Of Your Costs

Log and record every cost related to driving for Uber. Gas, mechanical repairs, inspections, and even car washing and detailing may be tax-deductible. And, even if you can’t deduct a certain item from your taxes, having a list of all of your costs will help you understand how much profit you’re actually making.

5. Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Insurance Coverage

Uber provides drivers with insurance while they are driving for the company. But here’s the catch – this is only true when you’re active on the Uber app, and picking up a fare, transporting them, or dropping them off.

If you’re driving around looking for a fare, and you’re not currently using the Uber app, you won’t be covered. In Manitoba, you may need to purchase vehicle-for-hire insurance to ensure that you are covered in case of an accident that happens while you’re not transporting a passenger.

6. Be Ready For Downtime

Driving around while looking for a fare is usually a waste of time and fuel. If you do not have a passenger near you waiting to be picked up, it’s best to park somewhere quiet, and wait for your next passenger.

Make sure you’ve got a book or another type of entertainment on-hand, so you can entertain yourself while you wait.

Maximize Your Uber Profits With These Tips!

While Uber may not be launching in Manitoba for several months, it’s best to be prepared – especially if you want to make money as an Uber driver. So take another look at these tips for maximizing your Uber profits, and think about how you may be able to use them when Uber launches in the city!

Need help passing Uber’s vehicle inspection – or looking for a car that you can use to drive for Uber? Come to Ride Time today! We can service your current vehicle, or help you find a safe, fuel-efficient used car that will be perfect for Uber.


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