How You Can Sell Your Used Car – FAST!

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selling a used car

If you have a used car that you want to sell – whether you’re buying another car, or simply need some extra cash for your usual expenses – you typically want to sell it as soon as possible.

But this isn’t always easy. Selling to a third-party can often take weeks – which is not ideal. In this article, the team at Ride Time will give you some helpful tips which can help you sell your used car fast! Learn more now.

1. Have A Maintenance Record Handy

If you have maintenance records and logs for your car, it’s best to keep them handy, and show them to any prospective buyer. You’re much more likely to sell a car with 200,000KM on the odometer if you can prove it had regular oil changes, tune-ups, and other maintenance.

2. Get Your Car Pre-Inspected

Consider investing in a full-point auto inspection from a reputable car shop. This will allow you to get a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s condition. And when you make the report available to buyers, they’ll know that you are being completely honest about the quality of the car.

3. Detail And Clean The Vehicle

Dirty and scratched cars aren’t going to sell quickly – and they certainly won’t command a super high price. You should get your car professionally cleaned and detailed. Detailing can remove some surface scratches, as well as pesky dirt and debris.

Don’t forget about the interior, either. Vacuum the inside, clean out trash and personal items, and make sure everything is spic-and-span!

4. Price It To Sell

If you want to sell your car quickly, it’s a good idea to undervalue it slightly. Using a site like Canadian Black Book, assess the value of your car. Then, compare that to the listings for similar vehicles in your area, on websites like Choose a price that’s slightly under market value, and you’re sure to get interest from buyers quickly.

5. Have A Flexible Schedule

It can be hard for a potential buyer to make time to see you, especially during regular business hours. You’ll probably have to show your car to buyers on weekends and at night. You may even have to take some time off or work, or a half-day to talk to a buyer.

The more buyers you can show your car to, the more likely you are to sell your car quickly. So make flexibility a priority – even if it is somewhat inconvenient for you.

6. Consider Selling Or Trading In To A Dealership If You’re In A Hurry

If you need to offload a car immediately, you can sell or trade it in to a dealer like Ride Time. At Ride Time, we offer trade-ins towards high-quality used vehicles, and we also buy used vehicles – even if you don’t purchase a car from us.

At a dealership, you’ll be able to get a nearly-instant quote. The staff will simply inspect your car, take a few pictures, and give you an immediate offer. This helps you avoid the process of selling your vehicle.

The price you get for your car will be somewhat lower than the value you could get from a third-party buyer – but the convenience of a fast, easy sale makes up for this in most cases.

Need To Sell A Car? Bring It To Ride Time Today!

At Ride Time, we are always in the market for high-quality used cars, and we pay competitive, industry-leading prices.

If you do need to sell your car quickly, we offer fast assessments of vehicle value! There is no obligation to sell your car to us – or to buy our cars, if we do end up buying your vehicle.

And if you are interested in a trade-in, and buying another high-quality used or pre-owned vehicle, we’re an ideal choice. Check out our selection of top-rated cars and trucks online now, and start shopping today.


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