Last Minute Gift Guide for Couples

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In this, the happiest time of the year, we’re all about giving and giving back. In the spirit of giving, we’ve got a little list of last minute gift ideas for you, your significant other and, of course, your car.

If you’re doing some last minute shopping, here are some great ideas you can pull off at short notice. Done shopping but feeling indulgent? A little gift for yourself won’t hurt, either.

Go on, you deserve it.

pretty-cool.jpgSave Those Eyes

For Him & For Her, How about sporting some new shades? Summer isn’t the only time of year for sun, UV rays are year round. Sunlight reflecting off of the snow on a clear winter day is worse than summer sun in our book.

Consider eye health, driving safety and don’t get us started on cool factor. You just can’t go wrong with sunglasses for the whole family.

That includes your car. A custom window tinting looks awesome, reduces the effects of the sun, and keeps the peepers out.

(You should put on some new wiper blades while you’re at it. They’re not terribly exciting or fun, we get that… but when you need them you need them.)

For the Body

For Him & For Her, give the gift of relaxation with a gift certificate for a local spa. The furthest thing from her (or his) mind will be the fact that you procrastinated on your holiday shopping. Again. If you’re lucky they might even let you tag along.

If they won’t let you tag along, take the car in for some TLC. After all, winter has been here for a while. Salt, mud and ice are building up on the outside and you’ve tracked plenty of snow and mud inside. It’s time for a good detailing.

Sure, you could offer to drive the car through a car wash and vacuum it out yourself but… let’s be honest: you’re probably not going to do a professional job at it. Give the gift of a professional car detailing. They’ll love it, you’ll love it, everybody is happy.

While you’re at our cervice centre you may as well get your oil changed, too. Remember, if you bought it from us this service is complimentary!

Step Out In Style

marathon-721338-724252-edited.jpgFor Him & For Her, who doesn’t love new shoes? Get them that pair of running shoes they’ve been eyeballing. Consider it an an investment in their New Years resolution to start jogging.

For your car, of course, we’re going to recommend new tires. If you haven’t already, you definitely should be looking at winter tires.

If you already have the perfect tires for the season, have you remembered to have them rotated? We generally recommend every 13,000km, or every six months to ensure optimal traction and longest life.

New Coat

For Him & For Her, Keep warm while looking good with a new coat. No matter what they’re wearing this winter, it’s the outer later that makes the first impression, and brings it all together.

For your car, a fresh coat of paint will make those old wheels look like brand new—at a fraction of the cost of a new car. It’ll go great with that custom leather interior!


Happy Holidays from your friends at Ride Time! Get out there and get that last minute shoping done. While you’re out, don’t forget to stop by Ride Time for a little automotive cheer!


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