Looking For A New Career? Buy A Used Car And Start Driving With Uber

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Driving with Uber

If you are looking to switch career paths, the good news is that an exciting new way to earn money is making its way to Canada. Popular in the United States, Uber drivers are independent contractors who charge a fee to drive people around in their own car. If your car isn’t exactly what someone would be looking for to want to get from A to Z, then you might want to consider buying a used car from Ridetime to start doing something new this new year.

Uber is a company that allows you to use your smartphone to pick up people looking for a ride. A ride-sharing for money business, if you invest in a used car, not only will it make it more likely that people will choose you over other Uber drivers, the extra money you make will allow you to pay off the car if you have to finance it. If you are going to buy a used car to start your own Uber gig, then there are going to be some things that you will want to look for in your used car.


Although you might not want to pay a lot for gas mileage, make sure to choose a car that has a lot of space. Uber driving isn’t always just one passenger, and if you buy a smaller car, then you could be limiting the number of passengers you can cart around town. Try to buy at a minimum, a mid-sized used vehicle so that you and your clients aren’t all stuck together.


Sure, you want to buy a car that is semi-luxurious to make a good impression but try to choose a vehicle that is durable. If you are going to have strangers in your car, there might be times when the unexpected happens, and something gets spilled. You want to have seats and car mats that are strong enough to take a little abuse. Otherwise, that new, used car can start to look pretty shabby quickly. When shopping for a used car, keep in mind that you will be transporting people you don’t know, and that wipe down seating is ideal to keep it clean.

Have some cargo space

Depending on where you are bringing people it might not just be about them. If you live near an airport, they might need to bring their luggage, or even golfing gear if you have golf clubs nearby. Try to choose a car that can fit more than just people, but also whatever they might have to bring along.


Because you are going to be spending some time in your car, maybe even a lot of time, you will want to choose a car that has the upgraded features like an infotainment and connectivity. Not only will that be attractive to those you are giving a ride to, but it will also make your day go by much quicker. Just because you are stuck in a car, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the ride. If you buy a used car from Ridetime, there is the potential to add many upgrades to your car through our excellent service center.

Don’t pay too much

Uber is a great way to make extra money, but don’t end up financing more than you can afford thinking that you are going to be making a whole lot. Sometimes being an Uber driving takes a while to really start making money. So, buy a used car that is within your means, so that you don’t start out behind the eight ball.

Exciting news, Uber is making its way to Winnipeg in Canada. Best to get in on the ground floor, take a ride over to Ridetime and find the perfect car to start your new career path that can have you earning enough to pay off your used car purchase in no time. Just be smart about which car you choose so that you can maximize your passenger load.


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