Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean As An Uber Driver

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Soon, Uber and other rideshare services will be coming to Winnipeg, so this is a great opportunity for anyone with a qualifying vehicle to make some extra money.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Uber driver, there are quite a few things you need to do in order to maintain a good “rating”, and get the most rides, and satisfied customers.

One of those is to keep your car clean, and ensure that it’s always spotless for each one of your riders. Not sure how you can keep your car clean while driving for Uber? Here are some tips that will help.

1. Start With A Clean Slate

Before you start driving for Uber, you should clean your car thoroughly. It may even be worth investing in an interior detailing from a professional car washing service.

If you do decide to clean your car yourself, though, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Declutter And Organize – First things first, remove everything from your car that’s non-essential. Trash, clothes, boxes, water bottles – everything that’s been rattling around in your backseat, passenger seat, and trunk must go.

    When it comes to things that you choose to keep in your car, like gum, maps, electrical accessories, and other such essentials, organize them well and store them properly out-of-sight, so that your customers are presented with a clean, well-maintained car.

  • Vacuum – Using your own vacuum or the vacuum at your local car wash, vacuum up all of the dirt and crumbs that you can from your upholstery.

  • Wipe Down All Surfaces In Your Car – Using automotive wipes, clean all of the hard surfaces of your car, such as the dash, gear shifter, cup holders, doors, buttons, and other such areas.

  • Remove Stains – Got stains in your car? Do your best to remove them with baking soda, or an automotive stain remover. A few stains are fine in an older car – but do your best to minimize their appearance.

  • Deodorize And Sanitize – Use an air freshening product like Febreze to treat your car upholstery, and remove any smells that may have been lurking in the seats. This will help ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment for passengers.

  • Keep Your Car Fresh – A few air fresheners can go a long way for an Uber driver. Change them every few weeks to keep things nice and fresh, and to provide the best experience for your passengers.

2. Keep Cleaning Accessories In Your Car

If you keep some basic cleaning accessories like automotive wipes, glass cleaner, and air freshener in your car, you can quickly wipe down the most important areas of your vehicle and keep them well-maintained, even while you’re driving for Uber.

In addition, a hand-held vacuum is very useful, and can help you clean up crumbs and dirt without requiring you to go all the way home, or to a car wash where there is a dedicated vacuum.

3. Have A Dedicated Trash Receptacle

If you need somewhere to throw away trash such as gum wrappers, or want to provide passengers with the opportunity to throw away things they don’t need, consider purchasing a car trash can with a lid.

This way, you can ensure that the interior of your car remains perfect, because both you and your passengers will have a place to put their trash. Your passengers will also appreciate this little extra touch!

4. Don’t Forget About The Exterior

The interior of your car is more important than its exterior, in most cases – but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your car’s exterior. Take it to the car wash regularly to ensure that it’s free of dust and mud, and gives your passengers the best possible first impression.

Follow These Tips For Better Uber Ratings!

A well-maintained and clean car is a great way to give yourself an advantage over other Uber drivers. By focusing on delivering a professional, clean ride, you can get more customers – and make more money with ridesharing services.

Need any help understanding Uber’s vehicle requirements – or thinking about investing in a car to use for Uber? Come to Ride Time today! We can help you get your car inspected for Uber, or find you a high-quality used vehicle that will be perfect for the service.


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