Reasons A Dealership Is Better Than A Privately Owned Mechanics Shop

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Used Car Dealership

There is quite arguably nothing worse than when your car needs repairs. Most people ignore those engine lights until they can’t anymore, but that can be a huge mistake. Those lights are there to warn you that danger is imminent. If you choose to look the other way too long, you can have some real problems on your hands. If you are waiting to have your car serviced because you are afraid of the cost, don’t be. Sometimes if you can catch a car repair quick enough, it can be something super small before it turns into something super expensive.

If you are considering which is better a dealership service center or a private mechanics shop, there are several advantages to hitting the Ridetime dealership. When you go to a private mechanics shop ,you never really know what you are getting into. With Ridetime you know every time.

A professionally trained staff

When you go to a dealership like Ridetime you are guaranteed that the professional who is working on your car has the training and the expertise necessary to fix your car right the first time. A dealership has very strict guidelines on who they hire and the type of training they have. Anyone can call themselves a mechanic, but dealerships ensure that those who work on the cars are truly trained to.

More than one mechanic means a shorter wait time

When you take your car to a dealership, they have more than one mechanic working on the car. That means that you probably won’t be left without transportation for days on end. When you have to have your car done immediately, a dealership is probably going to be your best bet at getting you in and out quickly.

Having the right parts available

Dealerships often work with many different types of used cars, which means that they have a lot of inventory of parts, which can really come in handy. Instead of having to wait for a mechanics shop to order your parts, and then waiting for days, many dealerships will either have them in stock or will have a supplier that they work closely with who can expedite the part. That usually means they can get it there quicker, so that you can get your car fixed and back out on the road when you need it.

Guided by their reputations

Dealerships have a reputation to uphold. Not just about servicing cars, they are selling them too. Their number one priority is to make the customer happy. Since they are guided by customer service and making their clients come back again and again, they will go to great lengths to keep your costs lower and to provide you with the best service to get you back behind the wheel and out the door in the shortest time possible. If you should have a problem, then taking your car back is no big deal. Their job is to make you happy so that you will tell everyone you know about your positive experience.

The little extras

Service centers are all about service. Many dealerships will have little extras that a private mechanics shop might not. Since customer service is their number one priority, you are likely to get those nice little touches like a car wash or vacuum before they send it back to you. Sometimes it is those little things that mean so much.

If your engine light is on and your car needs repairs, then it isn’t a bad idea to get a couple of different estimates to find out how much it will cost to fix the problem. If, however, your car is in need of immediate care, then the best thing to do is to have it towed to Ridetime and allow their professional service center to fix it for you.


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