Should I Buy A Used Car That’s Been In A Serious Accident? What You Need To Know

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Every once in a while, you’ll come across a great deal on a used car – one that seems too good to be true! Then, you check the CarProof report, and you see that it’s been involved in one or more major accidents.

Is it still a good idea to buy a used car that has undergone serious repairs after accidents? In this article, we’ll explore some of the things you should consider when thinking about buying a used car that’s had significant repairs.

1. Make Sure It Doesn’t Have A Salvage Or “Rebuilt” Title

For the most part, you should avoid cars that have a salvage title, or a “rebuilt” title. These titles indicate that the vehicle was “totaled” by an insurance company, and that a third-party company repaired the vehicle to get it back in working condition.

Cars with a rebuilt title are worth much less than cars with a clean title. This means they’re a great deal – but they are also unlikely to hold their value. In addition, a rebuilt car is likely to be plagued by mechanical issues throughout the rest of its lifetime, due to the severity of the accident.

If a car has been in a major accident or two, but does not have a salvage or rebuilt title, it may be worth considering.

2. Ask For Repair And Service Records

When looking at a car that’s been in several accidents, you should ask for repair and service records that show the repairs which were done. From bodywork, to repainting, engine and mechanical component repair, and more.

This will give you an idea of the systems and components that were actually affected by the wreck. If you find out that only the bodywork and bumpers were damaged, for example, the car may be a good deal. If, however, the repair records indicate damage to the engine, transmission, or chassis, it may not be worth buying the car.

If you can’t get repair and service records, walk away from the sale. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Get It Inspected By A Qualified Third Party Mechanic

If you think that the car is in reasonably good shape because of the service records and repair slips, it’s time to take the next step – a comprehensive inspection by an unbiased, third-party mechanic.

You should ask for the most comprehensive inspection that the mechanic offers. You want to make sure that all of the vehicle’s major systems are in good shape. It’s worth spending a few hundred dollars for peace of mind.

4. Consider The Resale Value Of The Car – How Long Will You Drive It?

Chances are that if the car has been in a few major accidents, it won’t hold its value very well, even if it has a clean title. If you were able to figure out that it was damaged before buying it, prospective buyers will likely be able to as well, and you should disclose that fact before you try to sell it or trade it in.

This means that the resale value of the car will likely be quite low a few years from now. If you plan on purchasing the vehicle and driving it for quite a long time, this may not be a problem, as 10+ year old cars have relatively little value anyway.

But if you don’t want to keep this vehicle for a long time, it may not be worth getting a car that has a history of accidents and damage. By spending a little more, you can get a vehicle which will hold its value for a much longer time.

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