The Top Safety Tips For Uber Drivers – Stay Safe On The Road

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Uber Driver Safety Tips

Uber is coming to Winnipeg within the next few months, and at Ride Time, we’re quite excited! Uber will allow Winnipeg residents to get inexpensive rides – and if you’re interested in making a bit of money on the side, Uber will make it easy.

We have plenty of used cars that are perfect for Uber drivers, and we can offer maintenance and repairs to ensure your car is up to par, if you want to drive with this ride-sharing service.

Thinking about getting started with Uber in the near future? Here are our top 6 tips for staying safe while driving as an Uber Driver-Partner.

1. Invest In A Cell Phone Mount

You don’t want to be looking down and away from the windshield every time you have to check your phone for directions. A cell phone mount is almost always a good investment – and only costs a few dollars.

Use of some kind of cell phone mount is recommended by Uber, and in some provinces like Ontario, they are legally required – because cell phone use while driving is illegal.

2. Don’t Let Yourself Be Distracted

When you’re driving, always keep your eye on the road, and drive defensively. Don’t be distracted by personal messages, phone calls, or anything else. Your safety, the safety of your passenger, and the safety of your vehicle should be your top priority. Anything else can wait until after the ride is over.

3. Make Sure Your Car Insurance Policy Covers You When You’re Driving For Uber

Uber provides liability insurance for drivers – but only when they are actively transporting a passenger. This means that if you get in an accident after you drop a passenger off, or before you pick up a new passenger, you are liable for damage.

If your insurance policy excludes ride-sharing services, you may be personally liable. So make sure that you tell your insurance company you are driving for Uber, and you get all the required coverage to protect your car.

4. Ensure Passengers Put On Their Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt is mandatory in Canada, and if your passengers don’t wear seatbelts, you could be held liable if you are pulled over, and cited. Because of this, you should require your passengers to always wear their seat belts. If they refuse to do so, or become angry, you are within your rights to terminate the ride, and report the incident to Uber.

5. Choose Safe Drop-Off Zones Away From Traffic

If you’re in a busy area, try to find a safe drop-off zone that will allow passengers to exit without being in the way of traffic. Pull into an alley or side street – somewhere away from the primary flow of cars and traffic. This will ensure that your riders are safe after their drop-off.

6. Stay Calm Under Stress – And End The Ride If You Feel Uncomfortable Or Unsafe

If you have a particularly belligerent passenger, or a drunk or angry passenger, and you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, you can pull over and terminate the ride.

If you feel like you are in danger, call 911 right away – doing so is usually enough to deter an angry or violent passenger, and get them to leave your vehicle. Report the incident to Uber, so that they have a full report about the incident, and what occurred.

Stay Safe While Driving With Uber – Follow These Tips!

If you make sure your car is safe and well-maintained with a service visit to Ride Time – and you follow these tips – your time as an Uber driver is sure to be safe, and you’ll be able to make some extra money when the service comes to Winnipeg!


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