Uber Vehicle Requirements – Does Your Car Qualify For Uber?

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In the next 6 months, Winnipeg is finally going to get service from Uber. This popular ride-sharing app has totally transformed the way that we get around – and soon, you’ll be able to hail a ride in Winnipeg right from your phone!

You can also sign up with this ride-sharing service, and earn some extra money by driving around the area. Uber drivers can make good money, especially on weekends and later at night – so you might be wondering if your car meets Uber’s requirements, and if you can get started with this ride-sharing app.

If that’s the case, keep reading. Ride Time will go over the basics about Uber’s car qualifications, and discuss the options that you have if you don’t meet them. Let’s get started.

  1. Must Be 10 Years Old Or New (Varies City To City)

Uber’s requirements for vehicle age are not too stringent. Your car must simply be 10 years old, or newer – so if you’re reading this in 2018, you would need a 2008 or newer model-year vehicle in order to qualify as an Uber driver.

Note that this is not the case for all cities. In some cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s okay to have a vehicle that’s up to 15 years old – so a 2003 vehicle would qualify in these areas. And in New York City, the requirements are even more strict – cars must be 2010 models or newer.

As of yet, we’re not sure what requirements there will be in Winnipeg – but to be on the safe side, it’s best to have a car that’s 10 years old, at max. See help.uber.com for more information on this.

  1. Vehicle Cannot Be Salvaged Or Rebuilt

Got a car with a salvage title, or that has been rebuilt after a serious accident? You won’t be able to drive it with Uber. To ensure safety for passengers and drivers, Uber does not allow salvage-titled cars to be used with their ride-sharing app.

  1. Must Be A Four-Door Car, SUV/Crossover, Truck, Or Minivan

Got a coupe that you’re looking to drive for Uber? Sorry – you’re out of luck. To qualify for Uber, your car must have at least four doors.

Most UberX drivers opt for a smaller sedan, but you can drive a larger SUV or a minivan if you are looking to transport more passengers using the UberXL Service.

In addition, full-sized vans such as the Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, and GMC Savana cannot be driven with Uber.

Beyond those restrictions, you can choose just about any four-door car, SUV, minivan, or crossover vehicle.

  1. Must Be Able To Hold Four Passengers With Seatbelts In Addition To The Driver

Your car must be able to hold a total of at least 5 people – including you. In addition, each passenger must have a functioning seatbelt. If your car has non-functioning seatbelts, you’ll want to get them repaired. This is for legal and liability purposes, as well as to ensure the safety of passengers that you transport with the Uber app.

  1. Must Pass A Mechanical Vehicle Inspection

Uber has “Activation Centers” where your car will be examined to see if you qualify. Currently, we’re not sure where these will be in Winnipeg – you can check help.uber.com to learn more as Uber gets closer to launching in our city.

Your inspection will include things like:

  • Tire tread depth measurement
  • Brake pad quality check
  • Brake checks
  • Windshield wipers
  • Headlight, brake light, turn signal checks
  • Exhaust system check
  • Safety belt check
  • Steering mechanism inspection

To see everything your car will be tested on, take a look at the full vehicle inspection form.

If Your Car Meets These Qualifications, You Can Drive With Uber!

You will need a few more things to get started – you’ll need a license, insurance registration, and pass a background check – but then you’ll be good to go! As long as you have a car that meets these requirements, you can get started with Uber.

Interested in becoming an Uber driver, but don’t have a car that’s qualified? Shop Ride Time’s selection of used cars now, and find an affordable car that meets Uber’s requirements today!


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