Why Spending More On Maintenance Saves You More

Car Maintenance

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car maintenance

When it comes to car repairs and maintenance, it can be super alluring to choose the cheapest mechanic. Statistics indicate that the average age of a car in the United States is eleven years, with more car owners choosing to hold onto their automobiles longer. The key to having your car work for you as long as possible is to have regularly scheduled maintenance. Since you almost always get what you pay for, don’t try to save pennies by spending dollars, or by ignoring things, and then having a catastrophic disaster on your hands.

Regular maintenance is not only a requirement but a requisite to keeping everything running smoothly and for you to be safe when out on the road. So, the next time a check engine light goes on, don’t assume you can push it off. Also, make sure to find the right expert to keep your car in top shape.

Why not spending money on maintenance costs you

There is a reason that contained within each car’s owner’s manual are specifics about regular maintenance for your vehicle. Although most people tend to think that it is just a suggestion, those maintenance recommendations are there to make sure that your car has all the necessary fluids and clean filters needed after so many miles or a period of time to keep your car healthy. Having your car maintained might seem like a cost that you don’t want to incur, but if you don’t, you might unwittingly be doing far more damage to your car than you know.

Having things like your fluids checked, your filters examined, and your tires looked over, aren’t just about gas efficiency, they are to minimize the amount of wear and tear that you put on your car and to extend its longevity. It is unsafe to drive on roads if your tire’s treads are worn or if you don’t regularly check the inflation of them. Those are all things that are covered when you go to a regularly scheduled maintenance check.

The quality of the mechanic is important

Kudos if you are someone who has regular maintenance. But, make sure that you know the quality of the mechanic that you choose. If they overlook something, aren’t well versed in your car’s manufacturer’s specifications, or simply don’t have the training necessary to service or to do a maintenance check on your vehicle, then a deal is not a deal. Even though most people have to take price into consideration when it comes to hiring a mechanic, saving money can end up costing you way more if you don’t find someone who has the qualifications necessary to notice when things go awry.

Not all mechanics have the same training nor are they expert in every type of car manufacturer. If you have a rare type of car, not just any mechanic will do. Imported cars are quite different than US made cars and require specific training and an expertise that not all mechanics will have. So, before you have someone work on your car make sure they have experience working on your type.

The best way to find a mechanic with the right credentials is to go to a dealership service center like Ridetime. Dealerships have licensed professionals and the state of the art equipment to diagnose your car and to make sure that it is in working order. Not missing a thing, if you have your car maintained by Ridetime’s service center, you can be safe knowing that all systems have been checked, what needs to be repaired or replaced has been done, and that you are safe to get back out on the road. If you want to spend less in the long-term then sometimes you have to spend a little more upfront for quality.


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