Why You Should Buy Used Cars From A Dealership Instead Of A Private Car Seller

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Planning to own a car? Be wise and invest right. Being practical is the in-thing of today especially those who value much about their hard-earned money. Own a set of wheels and stay in style by buying a pre-owned car.

The used-car market is growing in popularity all across Canada. People today have become more practical and many are looking to buy for a cheaper alternative. This is the reason why the used-car market has taken a leap in businesses today and fuel economy. If you are wondering if you should buy a used car from a private seller or from a dealership like Ride Time, there really is no question. The answer is “Dealership all the way!”

There are many benefits of buying a used car from a dealership versus from a private seller — some of which you might not even be thinking about. Before you pick up the classifieds and start sifting through them, consider these major advantages dealerships have that independent sellers don’t.


When you buy a used car from its previous owner, you are stuck with whatever options it has plus its vehicle history. If you buy a used car from a dealership, even if it isn’t exactly what you want to begin with, they can make it all that you are looking for. Built into the selling price of the car, you can customize it so it’s just the way you want it.

This makes buying a pre-owned car through a dealership cool because you can customize the vehicle you are looking for according to your taste, style and fashion. You can add upgrades, accessorize and design the body style the way you want it.

Test driving is also offered to interested buyers. This is to test the capacity of the car. In order not to waste a lot of money, it is always right to know the market value of the car then carefully read its buying guide to learn about the vehicle history reports.

There are a vast number of aftermarket upgrades that many used cars aren’t equipped with. Other things that dealerships can offer is an extended warranty to cover things that are no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. When you buy from a private seller, buyer beware — their biggest problems might become yours. So if you are looking to buy vehicles in Canada, it is always important to keep in mind the benefits of buying a used car and the car financing to prevent total loss. It is also smart to check about the monthly payments and whether they accept credit cards. 

If you decide to buy a car, some dealer associations or local dealers are generous enough to offer an auto loan. You can use a car finder to find the best car and motor vehicles around the city. Some companies offer perks like giving options whether to pay in cash or use the Roth IRA  for down payment or full payment of the car. You may opt also to buy cars which have affordable monthly payments and those that accept credit cards.

Their Reputation

One of the benefits of buying a used car through dealerships is that it relies heavily on word of mouth, if you do find a problem, they will help you solve it without it coming out of your pocket. Since they have a reputation to uphold, you have some additional security when buying a used car at a dealership. This is already an assurance that you will have the unit in good market value.

When you are in search of vehicles in Canada, you may come across some outdated browser but you just have to skip to the main content for you to grab the best ideas. You should have the ability to compare cars, understand well the advertiser disclosure and consider the monthly payments in which a financial advisor also discusses with you.

Paying cash or having instant cash is good but you can also consider a car loan depending on your paying capability. There are also companies who will not accept checking accounts rather have the savings account. You may also opt to use your Roth IRA to buy a car or for a down payment.

In buying a car, vehicle prices will surely vary. Always keep in mind the purchase price whether your savings account is worth spending.


When you buy from a private seller, then you are responsible to finance on your own. That might not sound like a big deal, but for some buyers it is. If you buy from a private individual, then your options are either obtaining a loan from a credit union or a traditional banking institution.

However, the benefits of buying a used car from a dealership is that they work with many lenders to find you the loan you want. They can also help to find the best rate by comparing financing companies to get you the best interest rate possible. The best part? You can be in and out the door, approved for a loan, and driving your new used car, in less than a couple of hours. That usually doesn’t happen when you go the traditional loan route. By the time you can secure financing, the car you want might be long gone.

There are also times when lenders won’t finance a car if it is sold by a private car owner. Because there is no way to ensure that the seller is selling with good faith and disclosing any problems, lenders don’t want to take on the risk because there might be major issues with the car. So for some borrowers, a dealership is the only way to go.

Car buyers should not only consider the vehicle prices rather are advised to consider having a car research when deciding to purchase one. It is also important to note that it is vital to inspect the car, especially its vehicle history reports for motor vehicles and other similar vehicles. Some companies accept auto loan, credit cards through credit unions, even offer a car loan, test driving and use the 3rd party system. Bearing in mind also about life insurance is advisable.

In case you are a private owner of a car, for a reason of personal finance, you may ask a dealer who sells your car and agree on best car deals. Using the car finder gives you the best opportunity to compare car products and choose the car payment whether to pay in instant cash. Good news to those who want to have a car private, Ride Time has a customized loan calculator to help customers decide on the car purchase and student loans are also offered to those who are interested. Payment calculators are also available for everyone.

If you are in the market for a used car and need financing, then dealerships offer many advantages over private vendors. Car buyers should not fail to visit Ride Time because we can not only try to get you the financing you need, but will work hard to get you the best rate possible. We are branded to satisfy customers with our unique car payment options. Before you hit the classifieds and check the car finder, check out what we have to offer!


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