Big News, People: Ride Time Is Moving!

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Hold on to your (hard) hats: Ride Time is moving!

Yep. If you haven’t heard, we’re building a brand-new facility for our used cars Winnipeg. In mid-May, we’re packing up everything at our current two locations and hauling it all to that one big, beautiful spot.

Just to be clear: this is an expansion, people. We may be going from two locations to one, but that one location is gonna be bigger and badder than both the others combined. No downsizing for these movers!

Our New Location


Located near the intersection of Route 90 and Selkirk Avenue, our new lot is adjacent to one of our current Ride Time locations, so it should be pretty easy to remember for those of you who’ve visited us before. We’re actually demolishing that building to make room for more Winnipeg used cars. Bring on the inventory, baby!

As for our other location on Pembina Highway, we’re simply closing up shop there. No sense in keeping it around once we’ve got our new facility built.

Speaking of that facility, it’s going to be awesome. Seriously — we didn’t spend $5 million on it for nothing.

Spanning 15,000 square feet, the new Ride Time will make us one of the largest used car dealerships in Winnipeg. Plus, it’ll include eight whole service bays — that’s double what we have now!

We’re super excited about our new service center, because it means no more driving back and forth between locations. That had been, in Doug MacIver’s words, “a logistical nightmare.”

Oh, and did we mention we’re getting a state-of-the-art photo booth? Yeah. We want to take better pictures of our used cars Winnipeg, and we want to get them online faster, so we built a photo booth. It’s pretty sweet.

All in all, we’re expecting that this new location will make our operations more efficient and our sales even better. We sold 960 used cars in Canada last year alone. This year — well, we’re for sure getting into the quadruple digits, we can promise you that.

The Future of Ride Time


We’re jazzed about our new location, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of Ride Time.

“We’d like to open up some satellite locations in a year or two,” Andrew MacIver told the Winnipeg Free Press in January. “We’ve been working on perfecting our processes here, and we feel we’re going to have a great footprint to move our operations into other cities.”

So be on the lookout, folks. We might be only one used car dealer in Winnipeg right now, but in the next few years, we could be several used car dealers in Canada — and beyond.

Want to stop by our stores one last time before they’re gone forever? Here’s a link to our hours and directions. Plus, when you visit our Oak Point Highway location, you’ll be able to see our new building in progress. Win-win!

Photo credit: Winnipeg Free Press


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