We Have a Baby – and a Baby Contest Winner!

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It’s a girl!

On March 10, after (what felt to certain parents like) a long, long pregnancy, Doug and his wife Meagan finally got to meet their baby girl.

Blakely Ann MacIver was born on March 10, 2016, at 9:51 pm. She weighed in lighter than expected at 8 lbs 6 oz and measured at 21.25″ long.

(Why “lighter than expected”? Well, Doug was a pretty big baby himself — a whopping 11.1 lbs. His poor mother!)

IMG_2374.jpgDoug and Meagan’s baby was highly anticipated here at Ride Time. So much so that we decided to run a zany contest about her birthdate and weight. Whoever guessed the closest on both accounts would win $1,000 toward additions, accessories, and labor for their car.

Well, as you can see, Blakely’s birthdate and weight are no longer a guessing game. See for yourself — photos don’t lie! (Let’s not mention Photoshop.)

Of all our contest participants, two people guessed March 10. So it all came down to weight.

After some difficult calculations, we found our winner: Ryan Richardson, who guessed 7.6 lbs. (That’s only 0.775 lbs off! See, we told you the math was hard.)

We wanted to find out how Ryan would spend his $1,000 winnings, so we invited him to Ride Time to hang out with us for a while. Here he is with his new best bud, Andrew!


Ryan plans on using the $1,000 prize money to put an exhaust on his Dodge Dakota truck. We think that’s a pretty good idea, don’t you?

On behalf of Doug, Meagan, and littler-than-predicted Blakely, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our weird baby contest. (Hey, we wouldn’t be the MacIver brothers if we didn’t do something weird, right?)

If your name isn’t Ryan Richardson, we’re sorry you didn’t win the contest. But if you want, you can still shop our Winnipeg used cars and trucks — that’s practically like winning, right?

And our selection is huge — like, bigger than Doug as a baby. Yeah, we went there.


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