Simplified: How to Explain the MPI Winter Tire Program to Your Friends and Family

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Explaining things to friends and family members can be a little difficult, especially if they’re not as literate as you are in the subject. Cars and safety is a great example of something that you might have difficulty talking to your friends and family about. They might not understand how a car’s tires work or why it’s important to replace their all-season tires when winter comes to Manitoba.

So in this post, we’re going to simplify the MPI Winter Tire Program so that you can have an easier time explaining it to your friends and family members. Alternatively, you could always just link them to our website!

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What is the MPI Winter Tire Program?

The MPI Winter Tire Program (WTP) is a low-interest financing option that offers Manitobans a loan of up to $2,000 per vehicle to spend on winter tires and other associated costs from participating retailers such as Ride Time.

In other words, you can apply for a low-interest loan that will be used specifically to purchase winter tires or have work done on your vehicle that helps it become safer and easier to drive during cold weather conditions. See below for a full list of additional products and services that you can finance using the WTP.

Why do I need winter tires?

You might be asking yourself; “why do I need winter tires? I have all-season tires already!”.

Here are a couple of simplified reasons why you’ll want to switch to winter tires at the first sign of ice and snow:

  • More safety and peace of mind than all-season tires. Despite their name, all-season tires aren’t really designed for the extremely low temperatures that we experience in Manitoba. All-season tires are designed for lighter winters where you don’t see much snow or ice.

  • They’re designed for harsh winter conditions. The big difference in winter tires is that the rubber doesn’t harden or become stiff when the temperature drops. The rubber used remains pliable which means it offers more grip even when it gets cold. The treads are also designed to provide more grip which ultimately leads to a safer driving experience.

  • Much shorter stopping distance. Breaking with all-season tires in cold and icy conditions takes surprisingly long. Using winter tires can reduce stopping distances by up to 30 feet, making your driving experience much safer.

  • Maintain your regular speed. If you use all-season tires in winter, you’ll have to drive very carefully and slowly. With winter tires, you’ll be able to maintain your regular speed. Of course, it’s still important to drive safely, but you don’t need to be as concerned with reducing your speed in case you slip or slide across the road.

There are many more in-depth reasons why winter tires are superior to all-season tires, but this should be a good enough introduction as to why you should use winter tires. These four points will likely convince your friends and family members to switch over for the sake of safety and peace of mind when they drive in chilly conditions.

Am I eligible for the Winter Tire Program?

To be eligible for the WTP, you need to meet these conditions:

  • Be an individual (not corporate) Manitoba Public Insurance customer.
  • Purchase winter tires from qualifying retailers such as Ride Time for a passenger vehicle or light truck (under 4,541kg) that is registered in your name.
  • Have no financing restrictions or outstanding payments on your Manitoba Public Insurance account.

If you’re unsure if you qualify, you can check the official Manitoba Public Insurance Winter Tire Program website for more information.

What else can I finance with the Winter Tire Program?

According to the Manitoba Public Insurance page on the WTP, you can finance additional costs such as:

  • Purchasing rims for your car
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Adding studs to tires (some limitations apply)
  • Mounting and balancing tires
  • For storage costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • For switchover costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • Wheel alignment
  • Nitrogen fill
  • Valve stems
  • Shop supplies
  • Applicable taxes and fees

Keep in mind that these services must be offered by participating retailers such as Ride Time.

The following is not available for financing through the WTP:

  • Repairing tires
  • Maintenance and storage of tires unless they are included as part of the initial cost
  • Switching costs unless they are included as part of the initial cost

How are my payments processed on the Winter Tire Program?

Interest for the WTP is at prime plus two per cent* and payments are made monthly. Repayments start exactly a month after the date that your loan has been processed and you’ll be able to select the ideal date for the payments to be processed. The loan process is also completed at your retailer of choice, so our staff at Ride Time can help you complete your WTP financing application. The payments can be made by someone else, but they need to visit an Autopac agent to sign the Pre Authorized Payment Agreement.

If your purchase exceeds $2,000, you’ll have to pay the excess amount but anything within the limit is eligible for financing.

Learn more about the Winter Tire Program from Ride Time

Ride time is a legitimate and authorized car dealership that offers an extensive range of winter tires. If you’d like to learn more about our selection or want to apply for the Winter Tire Program, we’d be more than happy to help you. Whether you have questions or would like to browse our selection, don’t hesitate to get in touch today for more information or browse our selection of winter tires on our website.

*Interest rates are determined by the Bank of Canada and are subject to change without notice.




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