Tips for Winnipeg Trade-Ins: How to Get the Most Money for Your Used Car

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Thinking about trading in your used car?

Unless you’re really, really generous or something, you want to trade it for as much money as you possibly can. Right?

Hey, we get it. No one wants to feel like they’re getting ripped off. It’s why we started this business in the first place.

So how can you maximize your trade-in value? Here are seven quick tips for Winnipeg trade-ins.

7 Tips for Trading In Winnipeg Used Cars

  1. Do your homework. Research the value of similar used cars in Winnipeg on sites like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds so you know the typical going rate for your vehicle. Just as important, research used car dealers in Winnipeg so you know who to trust with a trade-in evaluation (and who not to).
  2. Buff out bumps and scratches. They’re a pain, but fixing minor dents is surprisingly affordable — and totally worth it in the long run. Most dealers will deduct big bucks for little dings, so get them taken care of before getting your vehicle appraised.
  3. Get outstanding warranty or open recall work done. Got some maintenance left on your warranty that you haven’t taken care of yet? What about open safety recalls on your vehicle? Take advantage of these opportunities for free labor while you can — they’ll improve your resale value a ton.
  4. Clean your car. You’d be amazed at how many people forget (or just don’t care) to clean their car before trying to trade it in. You’re trying to give a good impression, aren’t you? A professional detailing is best, but a thorough wipe-down will work if you’re in a pinch.
  5. Come with two keys. It’s a little-known fact, but having two keys can increase your trade-in value immensely.
  6. Offer service records. If you can’t prove you’ve been servicing your vehicle regularly, how are Winnipeg used car dealers supposed to believe you? Provide all your paperwork you can so the dealer a) knows you’re telling the truth and b) can look for areas of added value you may not have known existed.
  7. Keep your trade-in and new vehicle transactions separate. Last but not least, try to separate your trade-in and new vehicle negotiations. If a dealer knows you want to trade your vehicle, they might try to work that into your new car price, down payment, and finance rate. Play your cards close to your chest, people!

Ride Time: A Trusted Place to Take Your Trade

young-1166562_640.jpgIn the end, though, you could do all the above and still get ripped off by some skeezy used car dealers in Winnipeg. (It sucks, but they’re out there.)

The good news is, even if you want to buy a car from someone else, at Ride Time we’ll guarantee your trade-in price. Just fill out your information, and we’ll give you a fair appraisal and a voucher you can take to any dealership.


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